March 24, 2009 – Our First Newsletter!

The excitement builds as tomorrow we leave for Florida!  We will be meeting with the missionaries we met in Honduras, Henry & Frances.  They have been in the states for several weeks, reconnecting with their supporters.  Living Water 4 Roatan (LW4R), thus far, has been supported by a core group of churches in Northern Florida.  Their love of  the villagers in Roatan has grown over the years, building solid relationships within the community.  They have witnessed the power of God’s love, through the gentle hands of Henry & Frances.  We are excited to be a part of the next phase in LW4R’s life!

Later in the week, we will be meeting with the Board of Directors of LW4R.  We look forward to meeting our new “extended family” and the conversations that take place.  We hope to come away with a better understanding of what we are being called to do.  The never-ending lists of things to do, things to discuss, papers to send off, the logistical details of moving to a third world country, trainings, etc. etc. etc. can certainly be overwhelming at times!  Please pray for patience, perseverance, and total relinquishment to God in all things.

Additionally, we will have the wonderful opportunity to spend time with family members during the last part of our stay in Florida.  We will value this time together immensely.

Thank you for your support and prayers!  We could not even begin to venture down this road….without our community of friends and loved ones holding our hands.  We will be in touch soon.  God bless.

Kerry, Mike, Luke, Lilly, & Levi