May Newsletter

In sync with the windy season, our month of April sure seems to have blown by.  Not necessarily breezy, but rather a whirlwind of activity!  The number of friends and family who have become aware of our plans has grown considerably.  With each new day, we have become more aware of how this journey is more than the Tichi family.  It is a journey for all of us.  Support has been overwhelming and has come in various forms.

Living Water 4 Roatan has blessed us with contributions toward our language schooling.  Over dinner one evening, Danelle and Charlie Winship provided us with a wealth of information regarding fundraising ideas.  Their experience in this area, the emotional support , and the laughter shared helps us to remain focused.  Another daunting task has been the construction of our website.  This will be our lifeline as far as communicating with you.  Without the help of Jenny Vierling and Duffy Brook, this would not have been possible.  Duffy has spent countless hours educating us on the in’s and out’s of webpage navigation.  Last week, the AWANA organization that Luke, Lilly & Levi attend at First Baptist Church in Durango, contributed financially.  The kids donated some of their hard earned “bucks” selflessly.  WOW!

Later this week, we head to Roatan in order to begin the process of establishing Honduran residency, check out language school options, examine possible land sites for the community center, and look into housing availability.  It too, will be a whirlwind, as we only have 3 nights there!  Thank God for trusted friends like Richard & Diana Speegle and Nathan & Juliet Zick to watch over our children while we’re away.

We appreciate all of you so much, your support and prayers are what makes all of this happen!  God is clearly opening doors left and right.  We look forward to giving you an update after our quick trip!


Mike & Kerry