Mid-May Newsletter

Wow!  That’s about all we can say these days!  Our quick trip to Roatan was truly blessed!  While most know that things in a third world country tend to move very slowly, we still were intent on getting a lot done while there.  We had a huge list of “to-do’s” we wanted to get done, in a short amount of time.  And you know what….we accomplished everything on the list and more!  Or rather, God was with us every step of the way, practically holding our hands, making sure we were where we needed to be, meeting who we needed to meet, staying in tune with Him.  Nothing would have been possible without the guidance we received.  

The roads were clear.  ( The day immediately prior and after our arrival and departure, the island experienced a bit of rioting which tends to make the roads impassible. Fortunately, riots are rare, but nonetheless, we were feeling thrilled to have missed them and truly taken care of!)  We were able to open a bank account, which was necesario before meeting with the attorney there, to begin the process of establishing Honduran residency.  (Without residency, we would have to leave every 3 months.) Our meeting went well, once we were able to find her office!  There are a couple more documents we are still needing to nail down, but overall, it feels great to have made significant headway in this daunting area.  We spent the better part of a morning walking the land that is being considered for the community center.  There is some existing infrastructure which would help defray some costs, such as a foundation and electricity.  It was awesome to just sit and visualize what’s to come!  The excitement in all of our voices and faces was contagious, as we laid out our dreams for the community center…

We also spent a significant amount of time deep within the Colonia.  We saw several folks from our visit at Christmas and it was wonderful to be able to tell them we had decided to move here, to be a part of their community.  Granted, the message may have been a little rough with our lousy Spanish skills!  (Speaking of, a teacher was also discovered, who will tutor us 3x/week once we get there.)  The time here really confirmed our calling to this village.  It’s something you cannot really put into words, this feeling we had while there.  

Our time with Henry & Frances, the founders of and missionaries of Living Water 4 Roatan,   (www.lw4r.com), was none other than perfect.  We think of them as our spiritual mentors and look forward to working with them together as a team.   We know that by discerning one’s calling or path or purpose in life, by means of staying in the flow of God (I totally took this phrase from this great book I’m reading called Welcome to The Revolution, by Brian Tome!), and acting on it, your life is changed- for the better.  This is our dream for the villagers of the Colonia.  Truly, this is our dream for everyone we meet.  And why wouldn’t it be….it’s awesome, it’s heaven on earth, and we’ve only just begun…

As one door continued to open after the next, our housing was even figured out.  Within walking distance to the Colonia, sits our little 2 bedroom with a loft bungalow!  The area felt safe, with a nice fenced in yard area for the kids to play.  The rent was cheap so we jumped on it,  renting it out till we get there.  Which at this point, is in late 2009.  It’s very reassuring to have a visual on where and what our home will be like!  Besides all of this, our fairly easy flight (Albuquerque-Houston-Roatan on Continental) was made even easier upon returning. We were able to catch a delayed flight out of Houston, saving ourselves from a 3+ hour layover.  This final “finale of goodness”, left us speechless, teary, and in awe.  

Last, but certainly not least, some dear friends of ours in Durango have entrusted us with a generous financial donation.  We promise to do our best while there, being your hands and feet as well.  And to those of you who have been praying for us, please keep it up.  It’s working, it’s working!!  Thank you friends!  Wow.  That’s about all we can say these days…

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  1. Ginny Dignum
    Ginny Dignum says:

    Tichi Family,
    What an exciting time in your life. It seems that all which needs to be ready for your eventual departure is falling in place. I have some extra Spanish text books which I will bring to VBS tonight. Use them if you can I do not need them returned (I have so many). Thanks for the updates, Ginny

  2. Barbara & Richard
    Barbara & Richard says:

    Hey Y’all

    God is so GREAT!!

    We are so glad to know that you are in the center of His will.
    The confirmation that God gives you will be an encouragement when things do not go as anticipated.

    God is WITH us!! Thank you Jesus, who has gone before us.
    Isaiah 40:3-5

    We love you, we will pray for you always especially for new grandchildren.

  3. Mark Roady
    Mark Roady says:

    Hey Guys! Great site! I will visit here often and Lisa and would like to come out sometime. Cant wait to see you guys in a few weeks in Colorado.

  4. Stacey H.
    Stacey H. says:

    Wow! Praise God for His care for you guys and your mission! May God continue to be with you and watch over your beautiful family.

    –Stacey H

  5. Lora & Pete Woods
    Lora & Pete Woods says:

    Hi Tichi’s,

    This is an awesome site and cannot wait to read and share all your adventures with you.

    May God guide you and protect you in your mission.
    Our love and prayers to all of you.

    Lora & Pete

  6. Jim and Barbara Edmanson
    Jim and Barbara Edmanson says:

    Please put us on your list. Will enjoy reading about your adventures in the world with God. Our prayers are with you.

  7. Lanette Hartman
    Lanette Hartman says:

    Hi Kerri,
    I know it has been a while since I have not seen you at MOPS or BSF so I just sort of lost track of you and what God is doing in your family’s life. I am in awe that you and your husband are so in love with God and know His plan for you , and most of all that you are being obedient and taking your children along for the ride of their lives! I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to hearing more about this project!

    Lanette and crew!

  8. Miki Harder
    Miki Harder says:

    Beautiful.. what a challenge and wonderful .. not mission, but following of your hearts.. …. I honor how spirit moves you and makes a smooth path!! Ain’t that cool?! ?!?!?
    I look forward to reading your adventures!!!
    Much love Miki Harder

  9. Mimi Gates
    Mimi Gates says:

    To the blessed Tichi Family!!
    We had no idea the glorious work in which you are about to embark… well, truly already a labor of love to create the unfolding path…

    thrilled to hear your great news!! cannot wait to hear more as your journey unfolds.

    indeed, my mantra has always been, “you and me, God, we got it goin’ ON, in the flow, in the GROOVE with God!” now, of course, that mantra includes all my blessed family, for if it were not for God working in my life, and saving my sorry behind over fifteen years ago, my life would not ever be so full of the endless, endless blessings we are all so blessed to experience every day…

    how long to you intend to stay? we cannot wait to hear more. How you decided to take on such a blessed adventure, great work, and what kind if work? we’ll catch up over the summer, I hope.

    You will often be in our prayers and thoughts.

    Love and hugs,
    Chief, Mimi, Caleb and August
    and all the furry family… (which, amazingly, continues to grow!)

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