October Newsletter

It would not be right to start this months update with anything other than a huge THANK YOU!!  Weighing heavily on us these past few weeks have been the mission dinner,  preparations and logistics of  Henry and Frances’ visit,  political issues, shipping options, and as always,  “When are you leaving?”   Some of these concerns are in our “rearview mirror” while others continue to keep us busy.  Sept. ended with a nice article in the Herald done by John Peel.  His article raised awareness to our mission as well as Roatan and Honduras.


The mission dinner proved to be a huge success with a gross total of  $17k raised, and 135 people in attendance. Thanks again for all of those who coordinated the evening. The mission committee, child care, cooking and serving team, auctioneers, finance  and anyone that we may have missed not only made the evening possible, but they made it memorable.   We felt a great deal of support from both friends and family.  Words can’t describe what it meant to us to have so many in attendance.  The evening really shows how support comes in many different forms. For those who donated auction items the take away message is that without the generosity  of your gifts, talents and access to items, we would have had nothing for those who utilized their gift of available finances.  Although it is the finances many times that make things possible, it is our gifts and talents that touch peoples lives. This mission will be far more reaching with the continued generosity of peoples gifts, talents and resources. We are continually encouraged by the enthusiasm of the team.  Many ideas have surfaced as a result of our mission dinner, in home presentations as well as conversations on the street.  We are attempting to digest all that we have heard and will be certain to let you all know as the plan comes together.  For those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend the mission dinner, we would be thrilled to share photos and conversation with you and anyone else who might be interested in what our plan is.  Please feel free to contact us if you would be interested in having us do a presentation.

At this time we are creating a team of four individuals who  will help us make some of these projects become a reality.  Stay tuned, more details on this later.   Good things have continued to happen. We continue to receive materials (teaching material, baseball equip, legos, clothing) for the Colonia.  Jim and Melissa Youssef invited us to their home to present our mission to a group of friends.  A great time was had and we hope to see some of these new team members on Roatan.   Additionally, the First United Methodist Church of Durango generously contributed $25oo.  Wow!  Our team is growing.  God is on the move!