November Newsletter

Not only are the days getting shorter, the number of days that we have in Durango are quickly slipping away.  It has been non-stop preparation for our departure.  We have finally purchased our plane tickets.  Dec. 22 will be our last day in Durango!  Christmas and the new year will be spent in Va. with the Tichi’s.  Jan.4 we will head to San Jose, Costa Rica for four months of language training.  Graduation from the Language Institute will be late April followed by a quick flight to Roatan early May.

The political situation in Honduras has changed little since the removal of Zelaya. Much of what we see and hear is coming from the mainland.  The political unrest has now impacted the entire country.  With the elections due to take place Nov.29. we can only hope that it will restore peace to all. The U.S. has reversed its original position on recognition of the upcoming election.  U.S. support will hopefully now allow economic sanctions to be lifted.

We have continued to receive encouragement from friends, family and strangers.  An organization out of Washington D.C. called Project Honduras recently contacted us about work being done on Roatan.  They have a number of connections in Honduras that they would like for us to be part of.   Additonally, a woman by the name of Terry Anderson contacted us, whom has lived the past 20 years in Roatan, but now resides in Durango, CO.  She has a store in Roatan that sells local crafts and is also planning on selling some of these crafts here.  This could be  a great opportunity down the road for the locals, and she will be a real asset to us as far as all of the questions we have.

The opportunities that are available to us are in some ways overwhelming.  We feel that we must be careful that we do not take on more than we can handle.  At the present time, we feel that our initial desire to collect educational material and sports equipment will help us create relationships within the community. Educational opportunities on and off the field will allow us to not only teach life lessons but identify future leaders for Colonia.

One additional project that is currently being pursued is the collection of tee-shirts from local thrift stores, local businesses  and sports teams(DYSA soccer, baseball, high school volleyball……) that have Durango printed on them.  The thought behind this is that it will connect our community with Colonia.  Our team is now over 350 people.  At some point, many of you will visit.  Think of what it would be like to be in a third world country with villagers wearing shirts from your home town.  To complete the tee shirt campaign we are considering having a few photos,facts and history of our community available to them.  Last week we collected 35 tee’s in an hour and a half. Colonia is a village of 3000.  We are confident with at little effort we could see 10% of the village wearing something with Durango on it.  Anyone can help with this project.  Contact us and we will make arrangements to make them part of a shipment.  Let’s show them our love in a simple way!

There is a good chance that we will have our first visitor to Roatan in January. Unfortunately we will not be there.  Greg Vlamming is in the process of putting together a trip in order to get a closer look at the community and the landscape.  Greg is a friend of ours who is a horticulturalist.  Some of you may remember him from a few years back when he was a contributing writer to the Herald. His plan is to look at the soil and topography of the village.  This will enable us to come up with future projects for farming options as well as erosion control, and sustainable practices.

Sorry for such a lengthy update!  We appreciate you for hanging in there with us!  Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!

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  1. Jane Colvig
    Jane Colvig says:

    Mike, Kerry and family: My thoughts and prayers are with you. I was so sorry that I was not able to be more involved in the celebrations and the service at the church prior to your departure. Know that you will continue in our prayers and we will look forward to your ongoing updates. May God’s peace be tangibly present as you are submerged into a new culture and language, and may you and your children enjoy a great rollicking fit of laughter on a regular basis! Much love, Jane

  2. Ginny Miller Cavanagh
    Ginny Miller Cavanagh says:

    I am so inspired by your commitment to such a great purpose. I pray your language study is successful for each of you in preparing you for quicker comfort in your new home. I know that God is with you and supporting you. I add my support to your Durango connection. Thanks for giving us ways to help!

  3. Linda & Chuck Yoos
    Linda & Chuck Yoos says:

    Your letter overflows with enthusiasm. May God continue to bless you as you explore the new opportunities before you. You’re in our prayers.

  4. John Agnew
    John Agnew says:

    Hello Mike and Kerry,
    This is all so very exciting! I’m sure you are feeling it! I do have the tee shirts that we spoke about, probably 100 or so with about 1/3 having Durango or The Boarding Haus on them, I can print some logos as well if you like. We could even make a special logo for them if desired. I hope all is great with the Family, Merry Christmas! John

  5. jenni riberdy
    jenni riberdy says:

    Good Luck and God Bless!! I’m sending all kinds of good juju your way and was excited about sending you some shirts… but mine all say Breckenridge on them!! well, Blessings, Blessings, Blessings and safe travels to you all!!
    xo jenni

  6. The Kleinknecht Family
    The Kleinknecht Family says:

    Kerry and Mike– We enjoy reading about your proposed trip and three year stay in Roan, Honduras. We are awed at your dedication and commitment to these people. You and your family in our thoughts and prayers now and for the next three years.We look forward to hearing about you all through this blog and your parents and sister. Love always –The Kleinknechts

  7. Mimi Gates
    Mimi Gates says:

    Hey Kerry,
    Your work is inspiring!! anything in particular, besides Tshirts, you need before you go? Sometimes it is helpful for me to see the “wish list” to get any ideas of how we can support you and your family. If it was in a past newsletter, I apologize. Grad school has me a bit behind the 8ball these days…
    love to you ALL on this blessed journey!! you’ll be in our prayers.

  8. Ginny Dignum
    Ginny Dignum says:

    Kerry, We will miss your departure because of travel so I will wave my goodbyes from our back porch and wish you well. You and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Adios, Ginny

  9. Kelly Behn
    Kelly Behn says:

    Love this one…. getting really close to departure time…….
    Love you lots,,,,,Kelly,Jude, Kylie & Lexi Behn

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