December Newsletter

The time is upon us!  Mid December, we drove 14 hours to Dallas and 14 hours back, to meet up with Trey Vick to coordinate the shipment of items to Roatan, Honduras.  As his family is moving from Texas to Roatan sometime in January for a year’s worth of missionary work, he generously agreed to combine shipments and save us all some money!  It was great to finally meet him and we look forward to getting to know him and his family better.   Luke, Levi, and Lilly were troopers for such a long car ride!  Guess it’s good preparation for all of our traveling to come!  We were able to stay with our good friends Philip and Jill Agnew, so ended up enjoying the trip immensely!

Our dear friend Richard Speegle will be our property manager and already has done so much more!  We are realizing it takes A LOT to coordinate everything to leave a country and everything we have come to know and love!  Our mail is being forwarded to our P.O. Box in Durango, until we get to Honduras, where we will be setting up a way to receive things directly.  Our address then is: P.O. Box 3192, Durango, CO 81302

Thank you Men’s Thursday EARLY morning bible study for the beautiful cross and words of wisdom over the past year!

We had a wonderful time at the gathering last week!  So great to see so many friends, wishing us well!  Church on Sunday, at First Presbyterian Church of Durango, was an emotional one!  As we’ve been in Durango for 14 years, our departure from this area feels a bit strange.  BUT, we know the only constant we can expect with God in our lives is that of change.  EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.  Whew!


2009 Financial Summary:    With joy and thanksgiving, we are able to put our own monetary gifts, along with our efforts, towards this ministry.  Costs for travel, language school & associated costs, residency for Honduras, and shipping are being taken care of by us.  A total of $ 6,961.33 was debited from our money raised, for 2009, which went towards supplies & materials for projects in Honduras, as well as our international health care premium.  God bless all of you who were able to contribute to making this all possible.  Our desire is to be as transparent as possible, in all areas, so that we can share God’s love in a REAL way!  Questions are always a GOOD THING & YES, we do want to be held accountable so, please fire away!!

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