First Week of School

One week of language school is in the books with fifteen to go. The first week proved to be a great start. We all admitted to enjoying school. The kids liked both their classes as well as their classmates. For the first time, the three amigos were flying solo. Levi is enrolled in a first grade class. It only took two days for his teacher to move him closer to the front. She gave him the choice of where to sit on the first day which naturally was in the back. Anyone of us that knows our Levi would say that the back would probably not be the best for him. No big deal. He is doing fine. Lilly enjoys her class. Her class also enjoys her. As we walk around campus we will so often hear others calling her name. Her soccer coach really seems to like the “ratista”(the mouse). Luke had no trouble entering his class. He was the only new kid in his class for this session. I felt sorry for him. Tough being the new kid. But, as Luke is, he seems to enjoy being the “special new kid”- having all the attention only on him!

Last week we took written and oral exams in order to place us with others of ability, and as expected Kerry and I are in different classes. If you must know, Kerry is in the more advanced class. I am ok with that. Kind of funny to see her in passing between classes. Sometimes we even sneak in a little kiss. Kind of like being back in high school. I wish that I was in her class. Since I am riding the short bus, I have a little more time to pursue other activities, as well as meet more people. I will mention that being in the bottom of the class has its advantages. Have you ever heard Spanish with an Irish accent. How about Spanish with a Korean accent. Well, those are some of my classmates. Pretty good stuff. We laugh a lot. Keeping with my passion for sports ministry, I have become friendly with an “hombre” su nombre Francisco. Francisco owns a sporting goods store. While the kids are participating in their after school activities, I hang out in Frank’s store practicing my new language skills. “Poco y poco” is what everyone says about learning the language. Most important is to get out and use it. I have also improved my kicking skills (hacky sack). As silly as it seems, the game has allowed me to connect with many. I have been playing with classmates as well as with teachers. Photos include another “Francisco” that I met while waiting for some friends.

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  1. Bill & Peg
    Bill & Peg says:

    It sounds as if the whole family is off to a good start. Enjoy school, it’s where the work begins! And a foreign language is like exercising; you “use it, or lose it!”

  2. Stacie + Paul Rappaport
    Stacie + Paul Rappaport says:

    We are sooooo proud of you guys!
    What an awesome “team” you all make!
    What do you eat for dinners?
    We send our love + support…all the way!

    Hola amigos! Que tal? Buena suerte con sus lecciones. No requerdo mucho de la idioma (espanol). Que lastima.

  3. Bob and Mary Beth
    Bob and Mary Beth says:

    Hi everyone!

    We are really enjoying your emails and pictures.
    Sounds like everyone is adjusting little by little. Such a great thing you are doing and a wonderful experience for you both as well as for Luke, Levi and Lilly.

    Tell the kids hello for us and that our dogs miss them too. They run across the road to your house and keep looking for them. It seems strange not to hear the kids laughing and playing out side.

    We should have snow on and off all week here but as you know that’s ok because it’s great for skiing! But we know you are enjoying the warm weather down there.

    Bob and Mary Beth

  4. Mimi Gates
    Mimi Gates says:

    what a great adventure!! and I’m going to find you on Facebook, my primary social scene as I’m buried in my thesis this term. I’m so glad you’re settling in and meeting new friends! You’re in our prayers and we’re sending love and HUGS!!

  5. Joanne McKnight
    Joanne McKnight says:

    How fun to share your life! I well remember my first encounters with San Jose many years ago….all the same sensations..honking horns, car alarms, so much noise, so many gates etc. Study hard, it will all be worth it. I’ll be studying Spanish hard here too. I want to be as useful as I can be to the Lord..however He chooses and in whatever opportunities he puts before me. Joanne

  6. Kelly Behn
    Kelly Behn says:

    Dear Mike,

    I think you even LOOK Hispanic, only after 1 week…Amazing… We always knew you would be successful in everything you did, but I was shocked when I see that your looks have changed…haha.. Keep the updated coming…. Miss you..
    Love always,


  7. Linda Arndt
    Linda Arndt says:

    Just wanted to say Jon and I are enjoying your updates. We are glad everything is going well, and we keep you in our prayers. God Bless You All.

  8. jenni riberdy
    jenni riberdy says:

    what a glorious journey you are taking, with the enthusiasm that only the tichi family could embody. you all look fabulous, happy and healthy. you inspire me to live better in my house today. by the way, i like the new do! be well… thinking of you in colorado!! xo jenni

  9. Juliet
    Juliet says:

    Why is it the smart kids always get more home work? Sounds like you all are settling into school just fine. How long do you all attend school during the days? and how many day’s a week? What are you all doing on your down time besides hacky sack? Do you find your classes hard?
    We are all doing well here. Awana is still plugging along but something seems to be missing or should I say a few someone’s are missing. Nathan and I are going to be teaching a Bible study for the high school kids on Thur. nights. Never a dull moment in our house.
    Dawson is loving Boy scouts. He is going on a winter camp out and Logan wanted to go but we decided to make him wait till it was a little warmer. We told him he could have a friend for the weekend. We asked him who he wanted and he said well Luke is gone. I felt so bad for him. He really misses Luke already. I will have him send a note to Luke soon. Just pass on the message to Luke that Logan misses him.
    We went to DMR the other day and the snow was nice. Expecting a storm Monday and Tuesday. Fresh powder!

    Catch ya later!

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