Week 4

We have now been here for one month and things are going well. There are times when it all seems like a dream. Many things in our life are still so different from what we have come to know and expect.  Our comfort comes from friends, and our ability to communicate.   We don’t exactly fit in. People in the streets know that we are not native. Kind of cool, yet at the  same time we are still a bit self- conscious.

Our inability to communicate clearly forces us to rely on our other senses. We must rely on the subtle cues given to us by strangers.  Smiles are always a good sign. We never know where that smile will take us. So far, it has resulted in either a chance to practice our new skills, or at a minimum a good laugh.  “Gracias a Dios .

Having the ability to share our experiences has given us time to reflect on what is taking place in our new life. Yo tengo ganas de tener la oportunidad esciber…..(I have the opportunity to have to write…) Sorry, I could not resist to write a little bit of what was learned a few hours ago.  Having to relive recent events in order to write our blog allows us to digest what has taken place. The longer the blog, the clearer the picture becomes. Our journey to San Jose has been long. With each day it becomes a little bit clearer as to not only how, but why we are here. Our friends, our family, and of course God are all critical pieces of the puzzle.  We realize that our successes are a result of something larger than the Tichi family solamente. The emails, phone calls, care packages and “the man upstairs” keep us looking forward to each new day.

Sunday was a big day here in Costa Rica and NO it was not because of the Super Bowl.  Elections were held for the office of president. I don’t know if anyone stateside has been following the elections,so if you have not, I will take this opportunity to be your correspondent here in San Jose.  Vice president Laura Chinchilla will take the office of president of Costa Rica.  She won the election by a substantial margin.  The mood in the city over the past weekend was quite festive.  Considered a liberal, she will put great efforts into gaining the upper hand on the war on drugs and maintaining policies and procedures of the current administration.  Locals seem to be fairly pleased with the way things are going right now.  We had no idea that the elections were to take place during our stay here.  Probably a good thing, since we probably would have worried about the possibilities of a drastic change in their government.  We did hear that one of the candidates who was running was not a big fan of the number of gringos in Costa Rica.  As we spent Sunday evening at a friends house watching the Super Bowl, locals drove around town with flags adorning their vehicles, oblivious to the blood,sweat and tears being shed for the rights to be called world champion.

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  1. Bill & Peg
    Bill & Peg says:

    Thanks for including us in your letters. We read them with much interest. As I am not sure that you are receiving this I will keep this short, but know that we are not insousiant!

  2. sandy campbell
    sandy campbell says:

    Great to hear from you and see the photos!! It is obvious that God is with you, opening doors and presenting opportunities to all of you. You continue to be in our prayers —–

  3. Linda & Chuck Yoos
    Linda & Chuck Yoos says:

    Another delightful update, thank you. Love the pictures as always. And, the Spanish thrown in too. As you probably know, we are knee deep in snow with plowed “snow walls” wherever we go so it is fun to see the kiddos sliding down a grass covered hill. God bless.

  4. cherie
    cherie says:

    Thank you so much for the updates ~ as I said before, it’s sort of like being there to hear your personal journeys!

  5. Mimi Gates
    Mimi Gates says:

    finally, sending you grande holas!! como estan? tienen muchos divertidos? hablo espanol mejor cuando visitar a Mexico o Argentina. Espero que venemos a Costa Rica y damos sbrazos!
    great to hear your updates. What a huge adjustment. Keep those smiles flowing and God will continue to hold you all.
    we miss you,

  6. Sheri & Guillermo Collins
    Sheri & Guillermo Collins says:

    Dear Tichis All – Muchas Gracias por las palabras in Espanol! Es bueno por las ceidas pequeno y gris. Mi espanol is muy mal. Guillermo no habla espanol. Felicitacion en su estudios buenos.
    Thanks for sending the photos whenever you can. They add so much. Your writing comes from the heart. It is as if we can sometimes sense the wonder, the newness, the hesitation of new people seeing you, and the progress of your adventure and new life. We are thrilled little things are coming together to make a bigger picture. God’s hands are working.

    Too bad it is so mild there; we want to send you some Durango snow!
    LOVE, Sheri & Bill

  7. Sheri & Guillermo Collins
    Sheri & Guillermo Collins says:

    Dear Tichis All – Muchas Gracias por las palabras in Espanol! Es bueno por las ceidas pequeno y gris. Continue el trabajo bueno.
    Mi espanol es muy mal! Guillermo no habla espanol.

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