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While Henry & Francis (, are currently stateside for a total of 5 weeks, we continue to “sink or swim” in the duties of water maintenance. So quickly the “other side” of the water project rears its ugly head. My duties require me to terminate access to water of those who are delinquent in payment. (No pago, no agua) My first customer is waiting for me! He has a machete! Wait a second, this was not in the job description! Thank God I attended language school and was able to figure out what to say, and that the family could keep the water service. I probably would have figured out a way to keep the lines open to this customer even had he not payed. Don’t want to make enemies too quickly! (Although, need to be sure not to barge in and do things “my way!”) The electricity on the island is very expensive; therefore, every lempira (dollar) is critical to keeping the pumps running.

Exciting news! Rounded up 8 young boys, ages 8-13, as the beginning of a Colonia baseball team. There is a league here, but, does not include a team from the colonia, as of yet! Practice will occur 2x/week, with the goal of having 2 full teams to enter into the league. The laughs we had! From the kids putting their mitts on the wrong hand, to the kids throwing the ball at the base runner to get him out, our smiles were constant. Never before had we witnessed kids darting into the bushes to fill their empty bellies with fruit dangling from the trees. The joy on their faces increased evermore as a jug of fresh water was passed around afterwards. All the kids frantically wanted to know when the next practice would be…

Kerry continues with her english classes in the primary school, which consists of 6 different classes, 2x/week. Currently, they are wrapping up “body parts” and will be moving into “days of the week.” Our kids take turns being the helper for the day, moving throughout the school with Kerry. Additionally, the two of us will be starting a 7 week session Clase de Ingles, for adults 2x/week. Word is getting out and we expect to have more than we can handle. Our goal is to train others to help us with this, so that we can offer several varying levels of classes.

The contents of the boxes that we packed in Durango over six months ago are slowly being absorbed into our new home on the island. With negotiations under way for the purchase of land for the community center, we are storing the precious supplies (sporting equipment, educational & spiritual material, bilingual info., etc.) shipped, for now, in our “bodega” i.e. garage. As this process of unpacking and settling in enfolds, we are finding more time in each day to “make a difference” , or at least try to! With so many opportunities to help others, we need to take the time to think and pray about which path we take. It could be very easy to take on too much. We are very much like our family’s new puppy in that we are so eager to please. We hope that the activities that we choose to be a part of, here on the island, in some way connect with you and are pleasing to God. It is this interconnectedness that makes all the difference in the world!

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  1. Joel
    Joel says:

    Great to read your updates, may the Lord continue to guide you. Praying for your,
    Joel Story

  2. Bob and Jo Etta
    Bob and Jo Etta says:

    Jo Etta and I continue to hold all of you in our prayers and often think of you and what great work you are doing. And your ability to adapt and minister – that is called wisdom! The baseball team is going to reap unbelievable dividends also.

  3. Pat, Bethany & Madelyn
    Pat, Bethany & Madelyn says:

    What can we send? Where can we send it? Kerry, do you need anything for your classes? Supplies? Let us know. I’d love to have the kids here connect with the kids in Colonia.

    Keep the updates coming – they are beautiful.

    Pat, Bethany & Madelyn

  4. Kelly & Jude
    Kelly & Jude says:

    Hey Guys, What a great update…. It is so fun to see the progress you are making already. Just seeing all those kids in the truck brought tears to my eyes.. We are very proud of you and your family,,, but we miss having you here…. Selfish, but true…
    We really wish you guys were here today…. We are taking the monster raft out on its maiden voyage on the Animas today. The river is huge, and Jude is nervous, and when Jude gets nervous, I get even more nervous..haha… The kids are staying out today, don’t want to take any chances…We love you and miss you…
    Keep up the good work…
    Kelly, Jude, Kylie & Lexi

  5. Chris and Lynda Berger
    Chris and Lynda Berger says:

    Hey guys,

    am always amazed and inspired by what you are doing. Hope we can share in it physically with you someday.

    As of last night we are without water. It is Memorial Day today so will go without until we can contact a well person tomorrow and see when they can come out and see what’s wrong. It gives us a very small taste of what it’s like to have “water” issues. But an even bigger feeling of the importance and impact of what ya’ll are doing.

    Words truly can’t describe the feelings we imagine of what it is like to take the step of faith ya’ll have done.

    May God bless,

    Lynda Berger

  6. Cuntz Family
    Cuntz Family says:

    Totally awesome you guys!!!!!! I added an exclamation for Puppy Coco too 🙂 The photos are wonderful and highlight your words so beautifully that it brings tears to my eyes upon seeing them. Just continue to have trust in your path and in the love and the light that is within each of you. You have so much to be proud of and bright, happy days ahead. I’m channeling all of this directly to you and shouten’ out from DGO…”LOVE YOU ALL!”

  7. Jon & Linda
    Jon & Linda says:

    Thanks so much for the update! It is such a blessing for us to share (vicariously) in your ministry! We sure miss you here in Durango and hope you feel our heart-felt prayers.

    Love in Christ,

    Jon & Linda

  8. theresa
    theresa says:

    Hi Tichis,
    Yea! Welcome to island life. My vote if you get the choice of sinking or swimming always chose to swim :). I am not surprised that you are making your presence know there so quickly and in such a meaningful way although Mike, baseball is the ONLY sport that we gringos possible had a chance of winning when we come there for mission trips. So, don’t be in too big a hurry to field your teams :). Our egos (and other body parts) take a bruising every year when we challenge the kids there to soccer! I am bringing a team of 26 on June 26. So let us know if there is anything you didn’t pack or are just craving that you can’t find there on the island. Chris and I are so looking forward to seeing all of Team Tichi again and are excited to introduce you to the rest of our team.
    Take care guys! You are a huge blessing to LW4R and to me.

  9. Kim Priebe
    Kim Priebe says:

    Hi Tichis! I do not get much opportunity to write, but please know we think about you. Kelly and I were just saying we missed your family. I am so proud of your energy, work, and courage. You will be able to make such a difference in the lives you touch, I am sure you already have. Love to you all, Kim

  10. Jenni Riberdy
    Jenni Riberdy says:

    hey guys!! LOVE the updates. it sounds so excited and rewarding and challenging and scary! 🙂 i also would love to know if you find your unpacking leaving you lacking. am out of town for a week, but would love to put a care package together for you and your new community. lots of thoughts and prayers… jenni and family

  11. Libby Culver
    Libby Culver says:

    Hi Kerry and Mike,
    I love reading your updates and am keeping you in my prayers. Not only is this such a grand adventure but such a living witness to God and what He has called you to do.
    Thanks for including me in your journey,and let me know as you unpack your boxes what you find you need still. Hopefully, I can find it and help you.

    • Nym Mendias
      Nym Mendias says:

      Hi Tichis!
      Looks like you all are working really hard, and having a great time. Thanks for kepping us informed on your progress. Love all the pictures!
      Take care,

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