Our First Visitor!

We are slowly adapting to our new surroundings on Roatan as we enter our 7th week. Sandy Bay is quite small, yet its needs are great. We’re here specifically to help and yet, can’t possibly impact everyone. It’s discouraging and unsettling, as poverty is all around. Discerning where we fit in and how we can help best, using our gifts and passions, is always forefront in our minds. What can we do today or this year, to touch many more lives in the future? Only God knows, thus, we pray daily for direction!

Our very first visitor to Roatan was none other than our neighbor & good friend from Durango, Richard Speegle and his 7 yr. old son Roman. Their arrival came a mere 35 days after our arrival. Their visit provided them with the opportunity to witness firsthand the challenges that we face. the they were able to witness first hand, some of our frazzling “newbie” experiences. Between holding down the fort for Living Water 4 Roatan (www.lw4r.com) while Henry was in the states, to tweaking the new programs we’ve begun (baseball & english classes) our days were full! Richard and Roman jumped into things head first, willing to experience it all.

They helped out in english classes, baseball practice, met the “regulars” we interact with on a weekly basis, visited the markets, and overall, experienced our day to day life. They saw not only the beauty in the people here, but also the beauty of the surroundings. Snorkeling and boating kept us cool throughout the week! Additionally, because of Richard’s willingness to come and help lay pipe, and your financial support, an additional 3 homes now have better access to water. Not only did he help transport some needed items here, (including our dog Twinky- who now has taught our new dog Rocky to bark and keep the bad guys away!), he brought us much encouragement and love. Come visit us anytime. Our doors are always open & we have a bedroom to boot!

Honduras is a participant in the World Cup soccer tournament for only the second time in its history. It really is cool to see how passionate they are for the game. The towns and streets that are normally bustling with activity are relatively quite while Honduras is playing for the world cup. Moments of opportunity for the soccer team bring loud cheers, as goals against the home team bring deep silence and frustration.

Somewhat surprisingly the baseball program is doing well considering that this is a time when all eyes are on the world cup. Fellow “gringo missionary friend” and co-coach, Trey Vick, www.vick6roatan.blogspot.com had a friend/supporter show up last week with a mountain of baseball equipment. The generosity has made a big difference. All 20 of our players now have their own mitts and we now have bats for all size kids. The kids truly look forward to our time together and continually plead to practice more days!

The relationships being developed on the diamond, in the classroom and in the village are beginning to take shape. They are beginning to realize that we do care about them. We are beginning to know many by name and vice versa. The weather has lifted a bit recently, less bugs seems to be attacking, our children are smiling more. We are beginning to see joy where before, we could not see it. Even though it was there all along. Hmmm…guess this growing and stretching and being uncomfortable is good!

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  1. Whitney Burns
    Whitney Burns says:

    I am so proud of all of you! Stay strong and keep up the good work! God Bless you for being so courageous! We miss you and love you!

  2. Joyce Watt
    Joyce Watt says:

    I love being able to keep up with all you are doing. You are all in our prayers. Best to you, we sure do miss you though. 🙂

  3. Liza Tregillus
    Liza Tregillus says:

    Great work you guys! It is a hard adjustment; I’m glad your kids are adjusting! Wish I could be there to help out!

  4. Dan and Kim
    Dan and Kim says:

    Glad to hear the baseball is going so well. Did the hacky sack ever catch on? We miss you guys a lot. We’ll catch up with Richard soon and start planning our own trip there – maybe next spring! Do you have a mailing address there yet? The kids made some things they wanted to send to you.

  5. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Oh, it’s so good to see your faces! Stretching, growing, maturing. . .it lasts a lifetime when we follow Jesus! We pray for you constantly! Glad to see that Twinky could join you. Just not the same without our pets!

  6. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Thanks for the post, sounds amazing. Is Rocky teaching Twinky to bark in Spanish?

    Mike, is it the lighting or are you starting to show some gray on your head?

    Keep up the good work.

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