Hey Bud, where did you get that shirt?

Just the other day I was driving out of the Colonia when I noticed a man walking along side of the road. Lots of people are continuously walking along the roads, but what made this man stand out was the fact that he was wearing a Durango BMX T-shirt. I was somewhat surprised with the appearance of this shirt, because I thought that I knew everyone that had a Durango T-shirt.

Just as a quick reminder, we brought with us several hundred T-shirts that were collected from the thrift stores that had Durango printed on them. It was and still is our goal to hand them out to those that we have spent time with. We are not here to open a box of goodies and allow the locals to have a free for all.

Earlier in the month we had handed out T-shirts to our graduating class of students in our ESL program. As we distributed the shirts, we told everyone that it was because of the love and support from Durango that allows us to be here.

Slowly I approached the man and told him that I liked his shirt(Me gusta su camisa). Kind of weird but I did not know what else to say. One would think that I had just complimented Kerry on a new outfit that she was wearing for the first time. He turned and looked at me with a huge smile. Ok, so he did not think that I was coming on to him. What next, I had to get to the bottom of this mystery as to where he got the shirt. I asked him where he was going and then if he needed a ride. That really is not as bad as it sounds.

Around here people are always in need of a ride. As with most people that we give rides to, they immediately jump in the back of the pickup. This works out for the best because not only can 1-5 passengers hop in quickly, they can just pound on the side of the truck to let me know when they need to hop out. This passenger was different and I needed to talk to him. He had to sit up front and tell me where he got the shirt!

Alex is not only our best student, but our future assistant teacher. He too likes Durango!

It turned out that the mystery man with the Durango BMX shirt is the husband of my best ESL student. Enrique and I now have a bond, through not only the T-shirt but the time that I spent with him riding from Sandy Bay to Coxen Hole. If not for that simple T-shirt, I would not have had the opportunity to add to a relationship that I was already building in the Colonia.

So much of what we are now doing is simply getting to know people. We feel that it is through this process of taking time to know our neighbors that will produce the lasting results.

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  1. Cuntz Family
    Cuntz Family says:

    By the way, it’s me Jen writing. Dave, Martin and Ana all say howdy too ~ Lots of smiles from DGO! I love your beautiful bird!

  2. Cuntz Family
    Cuntz Family says:

    I love reading your posts and catching up. You’re really coming along and learning so much…It is so inspiring and we praise all that you are doing! We just went to a fundraiser at First Pres. and had such a wonderful time. We saw a box accumulating for you and your photo on the board in the hallway, and everyone speaks so highly of you, with so much love. I would love to see the video mentioned in some of the replies. How do I find it?? Continued blessings to you. We all hold you dearly in our hearts and think of you often.

  3. Amy Kraft
    Amy Kraft says:

    Right on Mike!!! Nice “hair”, too, by the way!!! I love getting your mission news and I’m just so proud of and happy for your family! You are so right about relationship. Isn’t that what Jesus taught!

    You guys are loved and missed.

    My best. Amy

  4. Ginny Dignum
    Ginny Dignum says:

    Mike, Great story and a good insight as to the workings of the village’s culture.
    We brought a Durango Fire & Rescue shirt to a friend of Kelsey’s in New Zealand this past Christmas. As we all strolled the plaza Christmas morning I saw the T-shirt (and the body it was on) waiting in line at Starbucks so Kirk and I went to rejoin the kids. Oops, the wearer of “la camisa” was a visitor from Washington State and had received the shirt from a fireman in Durango. Small world!

    Hasta luego, Ginny

  5. margie smith
    margie smith says:

    As former members of 1st Pres(we live in Dgo the summer months in our RV at Riverside RV in Bayfield)We spend the rest of the year in Longview, TX where our daughter lives. I love to follow the Tichi happenings. We love Mexico…and in Jan. will make our annual trek to Barra de Navidad(south of PV) for a month. while there we participate in the mission activities at the Melaque Community church….the joy of making these new Mexican friends is the most awesome thing that has happened in my 79 years!! With love and God’s continued grace to your remarkable family. Burt and Marge Smith

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