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Seems like a lot has happened in a little bit of time! Kids have started school…whoops more like a false start. After their first week of school, faulty workmanship on the school has resulted in the closure of the school until it can be rebuilt. As this is the same school we teach english in, both to children and adults, we are grateful to have rented another location, in the Colonia.

With renovating an older building, we feel it is the perfect opportunity, or rather activity, to do with the folks here. We envision it as a gathering place to better get to know the people, in addition to serve as a place to teach english.

We feel blessed in its’ awesome location, where anyone entering or leaving the Colonia, cannot miss it. We want this place to be a center, of sorts, for communicating what is going on where. We hope to partner with many helping organizations, in the area, to better meet the needs of those in the Colonia.

With a Living Water 4 Roatan community center on the horizon, we hope to learn a lot by having this education center here and now. What do the folks really want? How involved are the local folks willing to be? Where and how will the kids be schooled now that their school is out of commission?

With this new venture, we are finding ourselves with specific needs. Perhaps, you’d be willing to donate to a specific item?  If you are feeling nudged to donate for a specific item , please follow this link, to set it in motion. Here are a few examples, with more on our “wishlist” page:

-1 picnic table (for teaching and gathering) -$110
-20 bilingual dictionaries (bought & shipped)- $120
-english as a second language material- $30/activity station

Thank you all for your continued support!  We have more pictures on Facebook showing “the center” in progress.  We’ll keep you posted on the “school” status!

As many of you know, it has been our faith that brought us to Roatan.  So many thanks to our family at First Presbyterian Church of Durango.  Our church family gave us the confidence to follow our faith and step out of the boat.  Although we have not been with our brothers and sisters in Durango in some time, we have united with another church family here on the island.  Part of our spiritual nourishment is now coming from “R Church”.  If you are interested in what we are being fed spiritually you can check out the sermons that we are following every sunday at R Church. Hopefully you take the time to check it out.  You don’t even have to leave your home!

Pura Vida

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  1. Kelly Ostrom
    Kelly Ostrom says:

    I’m definitely keeping you and the GOD girls in my prayers. I’m thrilled to hear how things are going and am very excited about the new space. Tell them everyone I say hello and give them my love. I wish I were there helping you all but my prayers will have to suffice for now. Keep up with the good work… doing God’s will.

    Dios la bendiga,

  2. tom eskew
    tom eskew says:

    You just can’t get enough of remodeling old houses can you Mike? I am sure the locals will be impressed with your bag of tricks! Miss you guys.

  3. Becky Deas
    Becky Deas says:

    Yahoo! I am so excited about the building! Can you describe where it is? I loved the pic of the kids Painting! God is so good! What about some bilingual Bibles?? I can get some here for $5.99. What is the best way to send? A friend is going on a cruise so I might could send with her-she is supposed to hook up with Henry while there!
    We will be praying as you all take this next step! I loved elisabeth Eliott and a favorite quote of hers: When you don’t know what to do just do the next thing”m
    Give my love to All and a hug to lily! Tell all my friends I said hello! Especially the GOD girls!! (PS- I was talking about all of you to different people for the last 3 days!!!!)
    Love and prayers, Becky

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