Kerry’s Parents Visit Us in Honduras!

They say a picture (s) is worth a thousand words.  Who is “they” anyways???

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  1. David & Carole Wenaas
    David & Carole Wenaas says:

    Hi Kerry & Mike,

    We looked at your great site about a month ago. What a beautiful family. As you may know we are very close friends of Marsh and David. We had our “so long for a while” dinner together last night. It was a little teary at the parting, but we look forward to seeing them in Philadelphia. They left today for Florida and we’re leaving Tuesday for Dallas and won’t be back until after they move.

    I think we signed up for future e-mails from you, so look forward to hearing how you are doing. We continue to pray for your success in your mission.

    Abide in Him,

    Carole & David

  2. laura bohachevsky
    laura bohachevsky says:

    Wonderful things you guys are doing. Very proud of you!
    You are making the world a better place….xoxo, The Bohachevsky’s

  3. Doug & Kelly Miller
    Doug & Kelly Miller says:

    Mike and Kerri,

    Great to see what a difference you are all making. We are very proud of all of you. We still hope to come see you some day.

    Doug, Kelly, Corbin, Hannah & Emmy Miller

  4. Bill & Sheri
    Bill & Sheri says:

    Dear Mike, Kerry, Luke, Levi, Lilly, Lolo, Rocky & Twinky – So neat to see such great photos of all of you, where you are and what is happening! Your website is fantastic! We will tell people to check it out if they do not get the email. It is amazing what God has you doing! He must be smiling! We pray for health & safety and the precious rapport you are building with the community.
    God be with you all! Sheri & Bill

    P.S. What are the hours for the Cannibal Cafe?

  5. Barbara and Jim Edmanson
    Barbara and Jim Edmanson says:

    I just looked at the pictures! What a lovely green community center. So happy to see all the good that is going on there.

    We were just in Mississippi and I had a time with the bugs. I just can’t imagine your time. Good thing to have screens…


  6. Jane Colvig
    Jane Colvig says:

    Mike, Kerry and kiddo’s: You have all been in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this first year in Honduras. You are truly people of God. May He bless you mightly for being obedient to His call on your life (lives!)! You are missed in Durango….but how wonderful is the internet to enable you to share your life and calling in such a way. Receiving your e-mails keeps you forefront in my mind, heart and prayers. I pray that you find joy in each day and peace in your soul(s)as you move into today and the future that God holds for you!

    Much love,

  7. Bob and Jo Etta
    Bob and Jo Etta says:

    Jo Etta and I so look forward to hearing from “ya’ll”. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually and in conversations particularly related to listening for God’s call on all our lives.

    Grace and Peace,

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