Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks to Carnival Cruise lines and the local Rotary Club here, Santa and Miss Honduras made it to our little island of Roatan.  A fun excursion was had by all.  While we tend to cringe at the idea of hundreds of gifts being simply handed out, we enjoyed the opportunity to spend the entire day with many of our kids.  Christmas here, is about spending time with family and friends, much like in the states. While we are content to be here this season, we do find ourselves reminiscing of past Christmas’s and missing our families.

Our “Eco Rangers” have taken many trips.  With the generosity of Anthony’s Key Resort, the kids have had the opportunity to learn about the local animals and habitats on their island.  From the cocoa plant to dolphins, we’ve all been learning a lot!  Teeming up with BICA’s (Bay Island Conservation Association), pilot program, Eco Rangers, has allowed us to put our efforts into creating a sustainable program.  Many of these Eco Rangers have helped “La Playa” begin to take shape.  This outdoor recreation space, right on the beach has required numerous beach clean-ups, as well as raking of the seagrass.  We look forward to “La Playa” evolving into a place where kids can be kids.  Let us know if you’d like to help out financially or volunteer some time working with the kids to help create this space.

We partnered with a local private school, the Alternative School for a “Reading Buddies” program. Children from this school were matched up with some of our kids to take turns reading to each other.  We housed them at our center for the morning, where the kids proudly showcased their “home.”  Our center has become a place known as Mazapan, which means bread fruit, to the community. There is a huge, beautiful  mazapan tree and our building is exactly the same color as the fruit- Bright Green!!!

We are so grateful for all of you, for supporting the work being done here in Honduras.  Because of you and your generous donations, the space within “Casa Mazapan” is expanding to take on new programs.  The local beach area, is quickly transforming into a safe, recreational area known as “La Playa.”  Our sponsorship programs are coming to fruition.  We will be in contact with some of you regarding the possibility of being matched to a specific child in need.  If this is of interest to you, directly investing in the life of a specific child, please check out our sponsorship page and contact us.  Let HOPE prevail in 2011.  PEACE BE WITH YOU.  Perhaps, you’d like to share in our prayer, so beautifully put by Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision:

“Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”   We pray for soft hearts and that every person may find his or her place in this world.

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  1. Greg Vlaming
    Greg Vlaming says:

    Hey Mike and Kerri,
    Had a change of emails and lost touch. Please note new email and hope things are going well. Would like to consider trip down to work this winter…let me know if you get this and hope you are well.

  2. Jenni Riberdy
    Jenni Riberdy says:

    thanks again for the great update and great pictures!! it’s so wonderful to be able to see you and the community. i still have hopes that we might be able to come down there, but nothing definite for now. in the meantime, i’m including you in my daily morning practice and prayers. i’m sending you all love and support every morning… and i tried to send you a christmas card, but the forwarding time has elapsed. know that we’re thinking about you!! love, jenni

  3. Joanne McKnight
    Joanne McKnight says:

    I sent you an e-mail to say we’re coming to Roatan, CocoView resort on 12/31. Can we bring you anything small? We are still in Durango today 12/28 and maybe tomorrow, then we’ll be in Albuquerque on the 29th or 30th. Not sure about travel plans due to weather, although it looks good so far.

    Maybe we can hook up on the 12th of Jan. Joanne McKnight

  4. David & Carole Wenaas
    David & Carole Wenaas says:


    Merry Christmas Kerry & Michael and Family,

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas activities with us. We’re sure that you have brightened the lives of all those in your village. You are blessed to have the spirit of giving.

    Abide in Him,

    Carole & David

  5. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Thank you for staying connected!

    Love that I can read your posts and know so much of what you are involved in (Anthony’s Key, Miss Peggy’s clinic, etc.)

    You are doing very important work.

    Hope you are finding Roatan to be the right fit for your family. It is so very special and beautiful.

    Best to you all,

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