Thank You!

Peace and many blessings to you all for the new year of 2011!  As we look back and to the future, it is truly amazing to see how God works and how great He does work!  It’s been an amazing ride, and one hard to put into words.  The decision to take the initial leap of faith was only the beginning.  The reality of living from an account which comes from not only the generosity, but the faith of many, makes for a nice piece of humble pie.

Until this year, we have lived a life where we have been accountable to ourselves.  We now find ourselves in a place where we are trying to make decisions for supporters as well as those here on the island that will ultimately glorify God.

shoe shopping for school

Our heritage is one which appreciates change.  As expected, we came to Roatan with intentions of making many changes. .  Although 2010 was not a productive year for making many changes, it was a year of building many relationships.  We feel that with relationships that we have built, growth will not only occur, but will continue long after we have left the island.  And that’s change in the right direction!

Taking the time to build relationships allows us to discover gifts and talents within our community.  Once discovered, it is our goal to foster some of these gifts and talents.  Through this approach, we believe that not only will the individual flourish, the community will as well.  Those with passion and joy in their own lives, most likely will be willing to share the gifts that God has bestowed upon them.

Six months of our own efforts in teaching english has enabled us to find individuals within our community who have the same passion for teaching.  Although we will not be actively teaching during the evenings anymore, we will continue to oversee this program.  This will serve to satisfy not only the needs of the community, it will provide an employment opportunity to our new teachers.  An upcoming teacher training will enable 5+ individuals to teach english, creating jobs and bringing english to the public schools.

Our focus has been on the youth and young adults, so that they will be the local leaders.  The sponsorship programs allow for continued education and enrollment in schools, as well as participation in our english/mentoring programs.  We are in the process of renovating two different spaces, to share time with these folks.  “Mazapan”, indoor classroom space, and “La Playa”, the outdoor beach/pavillion recreation space.

Hopes and dreams for 2011 include: continuing the relationships begun thus far, creating more jobs for individuals, empowering others to give back to their community, expanding our sponsorship programs to take on more children and to establish a “store”, where individuals can participate in programs or take on a variety of different jobs to earn donated items, “sold” in the store.  Additionally, we are praying about the possibility of growing “care4communities”- our mission name, currently under our home church in Durango, CO, into its own non-profit 501 (c-3) charity.

health screening at Mazapan

We want to extend many thanks to each one of you for making all of this possible.  Because of your generosity and willingness to share your gifts, lives are changing for the better!  Perhaps, 2011 will be the year you come and meet some of these lives!  Let us know how you’d like to get involved.

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  1. Connie Vick
    Connie Vick says:

    Hi Tichi Family!
    You guys have done an amazing job and should be very proud of all that you have achieved in such a short amount of time. We miss you guys and look forward to catching up with you and sharing many stories of our times back on Roatan!

    Love you guys and hang in there!

  2. Gordon and Wanda Greve
    Gordon and Wanda Greve says:

    It’s very satisfying to hear of all the good work you are doing. Since we can’t be there with you, we are happy to lend our support through financial aid and attaboys (should be attapersons if we are to be politically correct)

  3. Jan Postler
    Jan Postler says:

    Mike and Kerry,
    Thanks for the update. It sounds like a typical “start up” for a mission – discovering that your ambitious plans may need to take a back seat to building realtionships and allowing God to direct the work through the local people. I think that’s a critical foundation for all that you wil accomplish. Besides, it enables God to teach you more about “patience.” You continue to be in our prayers and we look forward to hearing more about your work and personal expereinces. Bill & Jan

  4. margie smith
    margie smith says:

    we are in barra de navidad, mx for a month…your family mission is doing God´s work in a Big way. blessings to you and your family.

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