April Already?

We hope this finds you filled with the hope of the season!  The center, “Mazapan”, continues to grow and change with the needs of this community.  There are 8 youth in the sponsorship program, matched with folks from the states, to attend a private bilingual school.  In addition to their schooling, they receive an english/mentoring program, where we are interacting with the students almost on a daily basis.  They are growing and stretching, as are we all! Additionally, there are other classes being offered, to not only help with character development, but to identify more youth whom might be candidates for this sponsorship program next year.

“El Cambio”, is a newly opened “store”, within Mazapan, which utilizes donations to encourage responsibility and accountability.  By participating in or leading work projects/classes, members can earn credit at the store to buy needed items. “El Cambio” encourages individuals to both discover and develop their God-given talents, and in turn, share their gifts within their community. It has been a work in progress, but has proven to be valuable, in many ways.

A new location has been identified for a multi-purpose sports field/center, directly across the street from Mazapan.  With the ability to build upon private land, comes the ability to regulate the land use.  Unlike the beach field, discrimination and destruction will not be tolerated here.  Because the beach field sits in front of a local church, one would hope opportunities would abound for ministering to the kids playing there. Unfortunately, this idea bombed, as the church thought differently and hated the kids playing on “their beach” and interrupting their services.  So much for acting like Jesus!   With much regret and sadness, we have decided to pull away from investing anymore time into the beach field.  As we all know God’s greatness, another, better door has been opened.

The new Mazapan sports complex will entail much more than a playing field.  Because trash is such a huge problem here on the island and within this community, a large recycling project is being planned tied to this project.  Plastic bottles will be collected, sorted, cleaned, & filled with sand to build walls, garbage bins, seating, and structural walls, surrounding this area.  Much of the island is becoming involved in this effort, bringing the community together and teaching stewardship as well.

Additionally, a room has been identified within Mazapan, as a future computer lab.  We are dreaming big, for 10 computers to fill this space, with internet access and educational software to go beyond borders.  Please pray with us for all of these projects and come along beside us to watch the miracles only God can do!  It has been an amazing year thus far!

We land in Durango right before Memorial Day weekend and will be in town for 3 weeks, before heading to the east coast for a week with each of our families.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to gather together and to share more of what’s been going on here.  We’d love to have dinner with you and share a slide show more intimately.

Additionally, we are looking for the opportunity to share with a Rotary Club regarding the educational needs of Roatan, Honduras.  Please, if you know of someone within this organization, can you please contact us??

Mike & Kerry & kids

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  1. Barbara and Jim Edmanson
    Barbara and Jim Edmanson says:

    Your pictures are great! Everything looks so nice now. What a difference you are making. Feel proud. We are proud of you all.
    Barbara and Jim

  2. Jenni Riberdy
    Jenni Riberdy says:

    love the updates and the pictures… it always makes me think about getting down there to help. my spanish lessons are going very slowly, but at least they’re going. : ) love to you all… jenni

  3. Theresa I
    Theresa I says:

    Hey Tichis!
    I always look forward to your updates :). Chris and I will be in Roatan next week for some scuba at AKR. I hope we will be able to see you will we are there. Can we bring anything down for your “store”? We should have some extra room in our luggage :).
    We are bringing a team down June 11 – 18. There will be 5 ladies in the group and I was wondering if you had any projects we could assist you with for the week (Sunday – Thursday).
    Take care,

    • Kerry
      Kerry says:

      Great. Call us when you get in and we’ll set up a time to get together.
      We pass through AKR all the time. Mike’s cell is 9648-18-76. Or email us
      or send smoke signals…

  4. Linda & Chuck Yoos
    Linda & Chuck Yoos says:

    Loved the pictures! You all look great . Your family is making such an impact on this community. The sponsorship program sounds wonderful. God bless each of you.
    Linda (and Chuck)

  5. Laura Faubion
    Laura Faubion says:

    Would love to see a slideshow when you are in Durango; I can already see some changes.


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