Sponsorship Program

MEET THE SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 2012!  While some are already matched with a specific individual or family, there are other students needing sponsors.  If you wish to write and receive a few letters each year & build a relationship with an up and coming, future Godly leader of Honduras, this is your chance!  Monthly donations of $50-$150 are needed to ensure continued schooling for identified children and youth.  Perhaps, a one-time donation is something you are being nudged about.  We know these kids and work very closely with them, several times/week.  They need your encouragement and compassion to help them on their journey.  THANK YOU TO OUR COMMITTED GROUP OF SPONSORS.  IT’S A JOY TO WATCH THESE KIDS GROW & STRETCH!!!
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  1. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    Chris and I are in! Please let us know which child still needs a sponsor and sign us up :). We will look forward to meeting him/her when we are there in a few weeks!

  2. Becky Deas
    Becky Deas says:

    Hi Tichi family!
    I have been praying for an opportunity to sponsor some of the beautiful Coloinia children and would love to sponsor several. I met Dariliia and Avania through our class last summer and if they are available please sign me up. If not I will sponsor the two handsome boys who are still available. I will be praying as God matches!
    Thank you for all you are doing for the Kingdom!

  3. Christina
    Christina says:

    Hello Mike & Kerry, I would like to sponsor Jonatan. I would like to contribute $50 a month to his sponsorship. I will check out the site for sponsorship program for the sign up/donation process. I also look forward to visiting you with my sister Rosaleen and brother-in-law Charlie, in June, God willing!
    You are amazing with what you have accomplished.
    Thanks and God Bless, Christina

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