Working in the Rain

The holiday season has passed and the kids on the island are getting ready to begin another school year.  The rainy season is living up to its name as we have received more than 40 inches of rain since it began Oct. 1.  Imagine what 40 inches of rain would translate to as a moderately dry snowfall.

Unfortunately, the rain has at times made working difficult.  If the roads and neighborhoods are not flooded, the rain is coming down so hard that it is impossible to speak over the pounding rain on the tin roof.  The multi-use court is equally challenging to work on as we are currently laying the cement playing surface.

Our fondest memory of this past Christmas had to be spending a week with the Hamlin family. They gave not only of their time and money to come visit but once here they gave of themselves to help make Sandy Bay a better place.  Their willingness to participate in the classroom at Mazapan and on the court helped lift everyone’s spirits.  An art/recycling project that Erin participated in was so successful that we have continued offering it once a week and the push that Lance made on the court helped inspire a group of teenagers to participate in the never ending process of mixing and pouring of cement.  As for our kids, they watched, helped and of course played.  Hopefully their experiences will help put perspective into their lives.

The ringing in of the new year naturally has us reflecting on the efforts that have been made here in Sandy Bay.  The new and improved classrooms within the Mazapan and the construction of the multi-use sports court are visual ques as to how we have spent the past year.  As much as the community appreciates the changes within their neighborhood we know in our hearts that it will be the changes that are unseen that will have the biggest impact.  The classrooms and the court are allowing us to spend time with the community so that we can best identify not only the needs, but the passions of those who call the Colonia home.  We came to Roatan to make a difference.  We came to bring hope.  What we did not know was how.
Often times figuring out how to accomplish the task would be the first thing to identify.  As our ministry has unfolded it seems as though we really taken our friend Fitz’s advice of “taking the time to get to know the culture before embarking upon the plan”.  Thank you Fitz! Something seems to not only be working but it is making sense.

As for our lives, the impact of experiences here in Sandy Bay may not be evident for months if not years.  The site of a child searching for discarded aluminum cans to help their family put food on the table will most likely resurface from our memory banks later in life.  Unexpectedly this memory will present itself at a moment when we are furthest from that experience that touched us so long ago. It is not often that a single experience has an immediate life changing impact on our lives.  Having lived here for a few years and taken on some of the characteristics of this culture, it will be interesting to see the changes in our lives when we return to Durango.

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  1. Jan Postler
    Jan Postler says:

    Beautiful glimpses of your activities and progress. So great to see the Hamlins with you there and hear of their impact. Hugs and prayers….

  2. Barbara Edmanson
    Barbara Edmanson says:

    Oh, wow! the play court looks great. Can’t imagine so much rain.
    We think about you often and our prayers are with you and the people there.

  3. Linda & Chuck Yoos
    Linda & Chuck Yoos says:

    We always enjoy your pictures and the story. What a blessed experience for all of you. Prayers and blessings coming your way.

  4. Mark Roady
    Mark Roady says:

    Mike: Thanks for sharing. I think of you and your family often. Your stories put things in perspective for me and my family even though we are not there physically.

    I tried to call you on your B-Day awhile back but not sure if your phone is working. Glad to hear you are doing well and making a difference.

    God bless.

  5. Molly Mickel
    Molly Mickel says:

    You are so admired for your for your strength and courage to take this on. Amazing! Your blog really makes us think!

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