Meet the Team


Well, I guess it’s time to see some miracles.  We have a wonderful workforce of both volunteers and paid staff.  Even though we’ve been diligently working away, day after day, how it’s all coming together…well, it really can only be God.  Each week, each month, He seems to reveal more of His plan.  It’s pretty cool to say the least!

Meet Desmy Anderson.  Although she has no formal teacher education, she is a wonderful, patient, engaging, young woman.  The mentorship and english training she provides is the perfect fit for Mazapan.  We’d like to thank First Presbyterian Church of Durango for providing us with the funds specifically earmarked to hire a teacher.  It is a big blessing, especially for the additional children now receiving classes.


Meet Silvester.  Silvester is implementing a training program for young coaches to be leaders on the sports court.  His willingness to give of his time and talents is truly inspiring.  The young leaders are learning about teamwork, soccer drills, and above all, putting God first.  Good things are happening as the court is FINALLY coming into its own!

Meet Tiffany.  Tiffany comes to Mazapan 3 afternoons/wk, after  working at a private bilingual school in the morning teaching Pre-K, so she obviously has lots of patience and enjoys getting to know each student she works with.  She hails from Portland, Oregon and has a son in the 8th grade, who is also enjoying the “Honduran” experience.  We will miss Tiffany when she returns to the states in June!  She has brought some great new ideas to our center.  New teacher please apply!

Additionally, we’ve been blessed by another couple from Arizona, who have made the leap to move down here to do missionary work.  They will be helping out with a few different ministries in the area, of which Care4Communities is one.  We look forward to seeing how and where God leads them over the years to come.  Thank you Ron and Jamie and your team from Show Low, Arizona for helping us with the “girls group” and in putting in a new ceiling in our classroom.  Awesome!  Follow their journey:

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  1. kari tillotson
    kari tillotson says:

    Way to go! God is so good! Very excited for what God has done and is continuing to do in your lives and with the work you have done! I hope we will get to spend time with you when you get back in town!
    Look forward to seeing you and spending time with you!
    In Christ,

  2. Erin
    Erin says:

    Kerry, love the straight hair! Are you going to hang the fish back up? The classrooms look great, the court is such a nice site to see, and I am so excited that things seem to be falling into place! Way to go, all of you with a bit of divine intervention!

  3. Sheri & Bill Collins
    Sheri & Bill Collins says:

    Dear Tichis All – WOW !!! You have been and continue to be a blessing to so many. You have started so many things for the good people. We love to hear you talk about how you see God working. May God continue His work through you! Hugs, Sheri & Bill

  4. Penny Hiller
    Penny Hiller says:

    Yay! Very excited to read about all that God is doing! Your steadfastness and amazing tenacity is also exceptional. : ) I love seeing all the pictures of the sports court and the new teacher and volunteers…and all the students. Super, super, super! We love you, Penny & Kimi

  5. Jan Postler
    Jan Postler says:

    Kerry & Mike,
    You’ve put so much into place and gotten the ball rolling. Your impact will be felt for a long, long time.
    Thank you!

  6. Kelly Behn
    Kelly Behn says:

    Great Job Tichi’s.. We are so proud of what you have done. Keep up the good work.. We miss you and are looking forward to seeing you in August..
    Kelly & Jude & Lexi & Kylie

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