Tichi Family Re-Entry

Even saying “See you later.” vs. “Goodbye.” was a difficult challenge to overcome.  Such mixed emotions each one of us had, leaving the culture and community on Roatan, we had come to call “home.”  Our last days consisted of home visits, planned get togethers, and even a few surprise parties.  We were unsure whether our tears were of joy or sadness!  Above all, we felt content in the knowledge and first hand experience of God’s miraculous power in bringing it all together.  The foundation has been laid for Care4Communities programs to flourish.  Staff and children are in place, with the appropriate mentoring tools, to really develop leaders for this community.  Change is a-happening!

The following article, written by the local magazine there, sums up everything.  Please mark October 20th on your calendars to attend the next Silent/Live Auction for World Mission:  Care4Communities and Local Mission:  Durango Food Bank


100% of donations go directly to impact the children Care4Communities works with.  Donations are greatly needed and appreciated!