Sponsorship Program

Dennis & Joanna Huis visiting their sponsored child

Dennis & Joanna Huis visiting their sponsored child


For those of you who are matched sponsors to specific students, letters will soon be on the way!  Ron & Jamie, the on-site missionaries in Honduras, will be taking their 5 week furlough time back in the states to share their stories, and will be sending us hand written letters for you!  Mike Tichi will be heading to Honduras in June and will take response letters back with him then.  

We still have several students ( SEE BELOW) that need to be matched.  Sign up today and their letter will be sent along to you.  Relationship building can begin!  These kids are working so hard and would love to share their gratitude with you and get to know you.

Won’t you please help sponsor one of these “leaders in the making”?  Sign up for a recurring donation of $50/month or more for the 2013 year, and we will put your money towards the student of your choice.  You will receive letters from “your child” a minimum of 2x/year and will receive photos and information about your child.  You also will be able to write to your child, to encourage and love him or her along the way.  I can promise you, knowing these children and families personally, your generosity will produce lasting results.  If recurring donations don’t work for you, a one-time donation of $500 or more can be given as well.    Donations can be accepted via paypal:  

http://care4communities.org/get-involved/donate-now/     (Simply choose either the $50/english mentoring class option or the $100/mo schooling leadership option and put the name of the child in the memo portion of the paypal transaction)

or checks can be made out to:  Care4Communities and sent to:  P.O. Box 1416, Durango, CO 81302

Questions:  Feel free to call stateside support:  Kerry Tichi 970-749-5095   or email:  hola@c4croatan.org

Fernando is in 5th grade at a private school this year. The “jump” or transition from public to private school is often a difficult, if not impossible one to make. Because of Fernando’s willingness to work hard and never give up, he will be successful at his new school, “Luisa Trundle”. Won’t you join him in his efforts to become an example for others and change Honduras for the better?

David has been studying hard at our center to get into Discovery Bay School, a premier private school on the island.   He is extremely motivated and such a quick learner! His parents value education and are grateful for this opportunity.

“Enzo” is the son of Sabino, C4C’s Sports Director on the court.  With the continuing help of Care4Communities english/mentoring classes, Enzo will continue to succeed in his and his family’s endeavors.

Jivany is attending private school this year as well. She is in grade 9, which will be a daunting task for her. Because she has worked hard the past year in our english/mentoring classes, we know she has the character, stamina, and love of education to succeed. Won’t you come alongside of her?