Kerry to Roatan

My (Kerry’s) trip back to Roatan, Honduras was an important one.  Five students are in their final year of school this year.  Without the support of all of you, these 5 students would not have been afforded this opportunity.  They understand our motto of helping them to help themselves.  While still teenagers, they are forming into leaders.  These past 4 years spent studying at Mazapan have been critical to their success.  Seeds have been sown.

We are currently seeking three sponsors for Enzo, Vanessa, and Lusbin.  For as little as $1/day, or a monthly recurring donation on paypal of $30 or more, or 2 payments of $180/yr, OR a one time donation of $360 for the year, you will be matched with one of these students.  Your financial assistance allows us to keep them in school this year, provide them with mentoring/english classes, and keep a special eye on their well-being and their families’ as well.  Please contribute via check or online and note the child’s name you wish to sponsor and we will send you a letter from “your child.”

Desmy, our teacher got married to the love of her life.  It was a special celebration and I was honored to be included in the family festivities.  Desmy is a gifted teacher and the students really love her.  While Care4Communities would love to keep her forever, we realize she has the skills of teaching english to those in her community, and may someday wish to branch out on her own.  As long as we each follow God’s will for our lives, it will all work out the way it is meant to be!

We may have an opportunity to purchase land through a supporting church in Florida to house our center.  This is a huge blessing, yet we still need funds to help us meet our budget for this year.  The private schools we provide scholarships for are very expensive and the majority of matched sponsors’ donations do not cover all of the expenses.  We are looking at obtaining more of a systematic, Christian curriculum used worldwide.  By implementing this english and math program, we would provide the necessary schooling “in house,” rather than sending all those dollars out the door.  It provides for a more sustainable program overall.

Additionally, we are seeking an individual or couple willing to give a one year commitment (minimum) to missionary service with Care4communities.  Please contact us to begin a dialogue.  Life is but a journey.  Our time in Honduras is a testament to what we believe.  While our time there was not easy, it was life changing.  We look forward to hearing from you.