Summer Explosion!

As we near the 4th of July in the States, we can’t help but look forward to hearing the loud booms and seeing the magnificent display of colors and patterns in the sky!  Independence day in Honduras is celebrated in September with lots of music.  Fireworks are usually heard in December to celebrate Christmas.  Well, this summer in Honduras, in Sandy Bay, Roatan, at least….Care4Communities is EXPLODING with POSITIVE CHANGE  & GROWTH!   The court and hillside above it has been purchased with a significant down payment.  Chet’s Creek Church in Jacksonville, FL spent a week in early June preparing the far end of the court wall, painting, enlarging the storage shed, prepping the land, teaching ESL, and reconnecting with old friends in the community.

Hector, the young man who received assistance to attend Seminary School, has graduated and will be back working with the local youth on the court.  He brings both passion and education into his mentoring.   Thank you supporters for all you have given!  CAN YOU HEAR AND SEE THE EXCITING EXPLOSION OF GROWTH THIS YEAR???

HAPPY SUMMER!  May God help each one of us to EXPLODE with positive growth and change!