School Building Ready!

How amazing to see this transformation!  Thank you to all those who have donated funds and volunteered numerous hours to get our new schoolhouse up and running!  The building, lovingly named, “Casa de Luz,” means “House of Light.”  English mentorship classes consist of english training (to enable fluency in english and therefore a job in their future), “character” training (good character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching), and gifts/talents training (encouraging each individual’s unique talent so that they can make a positive difference).


The children and youth that utilize the court have been busy as well! The soccer team participated in a tournament after numerous hours of working in the community and our center.  A Ft. Lewis College, (Durango, Colorado) graduate, whose passion is soccer, is bilingual, and has visited this community 2 summers ago, is looking into spending 6 months + working with this group of Hondurans.    It’s folks like this, willing to give of their time and talents, that we are actively searching for.  Care4Communities can help with fundraising efforts and logistics to get you there.  Please contact us if interested in working in our education and sports programs.  This may be your calling….