2015- Off to a Great Start!

2015- Did you know the Honduran school calendar runs from February to November?  They have November, December, and January as their “summer break,” which there, is actually the rainy season.  This means the school year has just started and praise God, we were able to open our new doors to coincide with this!  Our crew there worked diligently, using the resources generously provided to get things in shape to open on time!  While we are still a far way from having everything completed, the building is functional and quite beautiful!  It was truly amazing to see it in person….

court w/ school above

The court & the school above it.

The school & court are now together!

The school teaches over 100 students english.

typical english class

A typical english class.






english class w/ the court boys

English class with the court boys.

Jamie & Ron hold Care4Communities together on Roatan, Honduras.  From teaching to court maintenance to paying bills & staff, they are the glue.  God bless the glue:)  Hector mentors the children & youth on the court and Juan teaches english in the classroom.  We have a wonderful team and it shows!  They have also encouraged others to get involved and it was great to get to see so many new and old volunteer faces.  Countless hours have been poured into the project!

A big thank you to all involved!  From the donors to the workers…it takes teamwork to bring about change.  Did I mention the students who want to write letters to you?  Would you like to connect with one of these children in a personal way?  How about the soccer team of older boys who are now role models for this community?  A few years back we were told to forget about them…they are too far gone and set in their ways.  Clearly, that is NOT the case.  Did I mention where the soccer jerseys came from in Durango, CO?  How about the huge amount of support from short term mission teams and churches partnering with us?  Did I mention all the upcoming projects you can come and help with?We have so much to share….we will be in touch soon!