Ron and Jamie have been living in Roatan, Honduras running the nonprofit Care4Communities for the past 4+ years.  Their dedication and love for this community of folks and our Lord is truly amazing to witness.  As we know first hand for our family, living in an impoverished community is not an easy way of life.  Gratifying?  Yes, definitely!  An uphill battle consisting of 2 steps forward and 1 step back?  You betcha!  To keep moving forward we/they need your help. Your donations will help support Ron & Jamie in Roatan so that they can continue to be the boots on the ground. Please considering donating by clicking the link on the menu!

As you may notice, there are 5 ways to check out what’s happening with Care4Communities:

1) Care4Communities website

2) Care4Communities (upper right tab- Read…Care4Communities blog) That’s what this is!

3) Facebook- Care4Communities

4) Twitter- C4CRoatan

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