Today was a sad day for Lana and I. It was our last full day of school due to the Children’s Day holiday tomorrow and Honduran Independence Day next week.

We will be spending most of tomorrow and Friday making final preparations for Saturday’s big Children’s Day event at Casa De Luz. Juan has been showing off his creativity while leading the design and decoration efforts for most of our games. For example, we have 6 tires that have been beautifully painted and covered in students hand prints. These tires will be used for several tossing games and a cool soccer game. Juan also designed a prize wheel the kids can spin for tickets. He used an old stool and a piece of scrap wood. And most impressively, he designed bearings to allow the wheel to spin freely using bottle caps and marbles. It is amazing what Juan comes up with given our sometimes limited supplies.

It’s been a blessing to see how many groups and individuals are working together to pull off this event. Jamie and Ron do a fantastic job of empowering students, locals and parents. Typically they provide some resources, the space and are willing to give instructions as needed. But always, they look for the right time to step-aside and let whomever it may be take ownership and pride in what they are accomplishing. I have seen local boys who are just “hanging out” at the school paint, saw wood, use power tools, shovel dirt, clean the court and carry water. Several of the older team Colorado “court boys” are going to assist in running the games on Children’s Day. We have numerous parents who have been preparing supplies such as food, prizes, piñatas and more. Basically, Lana and I have been witnessing the hands and feet of God working through the lives of those effected by Care 4 Communities in La Colonia. True change takes time and a lot of effort. I believe Care 4 Communities and Casa De Luz are in a season of bearing the fruit of their last 4+ years of labor.

A few highlights from this week….

We saw our first tarantula. It was hanging out under Jamie’s desk and decided to drop down and say hello. Juan very casually picked it up with a broom and placed it outside.

Teaching this week’s Bible verse to the students. We selected Psalm 145:8. “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.”

Lana was mobbed by about 6 girls giving goodbye hugs today when Jamie said it was our last day for attending school. I wish I had it on camera.

I have been trying to keep up with the “court boys” in soccer. Yesterday, Hector and Carlos could clearly see I was about to pass-out and called a substitution for me. I think my face was purple. The heat and humidity must take some getting used to. Or that is what I am telling myself anyways.

We are hoping to go snorkeling at Half Moon Bay on Friday afternoon with Ron, Jamie, Hector and Juan. This is Lana and my favorite spot we have discovered. We have seen manta ray, octopus, countless varieties of fish, a baby turtle and we just learned a moray eel lives in a sunken ship about 100 yards off shore.

God is so good and this trip continues to be more than we imagined.