foot picswell the last couple of days Ronnie and the court boys have been digging dirt out from the north side of the building in preparation for a new wall in June.  The Chet’s Creek team is coming to work their magic…we also are working on a water tower (PLEASE DONATE) we really need a bathroom after 4 years of no bathroom at school =) we have some neighbor friends that will be helping Ronnie get this accomplished before the end of the month. a new helper at school starts tomorrow (Amanda), please keep her and Helen (our other new helper) in your prayers.  Ivonne and I are holding down school pretty well. We have A LOT of kids =). today we had some teenage drama but I nipped it in the bud pretty quickly. teenagers will be teenagers no matter what language they speak.  the truck is in the repair shop today so thankfully some friends helped us run errands at lunch today. hopefully tomorrow they will know what is wrong with the truck and it will be a quick and cheap fix. it has brake problems so that is definitely something we can’t take lightly especially here. well that is all for today – hope you had a HAPPY MONDAY!!! we did.