the dentist and soccer

this is really never a good title for a blog right?! but on Tuesday I had 3 fillings and a wisdom tooth extracted – UGH. thankfully even though my missing wisdom tooth looks gross and is sore it is way better than the last time my other wisdom tooth was pulled. I go back to the dentist tomorrow but it doesn’t look infected like last time =)  Ronnie and his team are moving forward with soccer, he had another coach meeting last night and the usual shenanigans happened where they didn’t count our game and points…Ronnie just put on his happy face and called it good. they aren’t happy that a team from la colonia won the championship so they are doing all they can to make us lose this year. for instance, cancelling our games (which means we get no points so at the end of the season there is no way we can win). having us play games that two weeks later they determine don’t count. =) you know that kind of thing. But God is in control and this teaches us and our boys a good lesson (hopefully).  thanks for reading and have a good day!!!