The Good and the Bad =)

Happy Friday from here in Honduras –  it is cashew tree blooming season here right now. There is lots of fruit on the ground with the one single cashew on the top. If you have never seen it or tasted it then I will show you.  Cool right.  This is why cashews are so expensive. It takes a lot of work to get them tasty and salty and cooked.  We happen to have a huge cashew tree at our house but before you ask, NO I don’t have any idea the whole process to make them eatable =) I do love to eat them though.

As of last week, we have water and our one bathroom up and “running”.  When we arrived at school today we notice there was water by the door and being that it isn’t rainy season and we just got water we thought it a bit odd UNTIL we realized that someone had drained and stolen one of our smaller water tanks (120 gallons)!!! BOOO – first of all when water is such a big commodity why would you waste it?!?!   Anyways, someone is going to have to answer to the LORD for stealing and for stealing from a little school in la colonia. Oh well, not much we can do about it. Please continue to pray that our school house, court and water tank are protected.  Thank you to those that donated to this project and thanks to the Roatan Bomberos (firemen) who donated water to us.  In the big scheme of things all is well =)

We would like to ask that you would pray for our health. There are many who are sick on the island right now (flu) and we really don’t want it!

Have a great weekend – Ronnie and Jamie