Hi All –  Thank you for reading our blog today. I haven’t blogged in a bit so I am going to catch you up on some things that have been going on.  First of all (as I say super happily…)the weather is getting cooler. PRAISE GOD!!! if you survive September here you know you can survive almost anywhere…

While I was at language school my husband kept busy at the court and school. He installed an exhaust fan at school. elec6 elec7 and the bleachers were completed.  A big thanks to our friend Robert for doing this. elec8

I was in language school in Costa Rica for a  bit and here are some pictures of me completing my course and receiving my certificate.  I am bilingual now? (as I am asked daily…) well no, but I did learn a lot and I think within time I will remember all I learned.  For probably 1.5 weeks I had no idea what I was learning but I just kept at it doing my homework daily and doing pretty well.  I have a bunch of material and still have homework to complete while at home.  So, please join me in prayer that I will remember and retain all I have learned. My goal is to be able to speak fluently with all the parents of the children at school.

elec4 elec5 elec3 elec2 elec1

Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend.  Also if you give to non-profit organizations at the end of the year please prayerfully consider giving to CARE4COMMUNITIES.  Thank you!