A sweet note from our students today.

AND, wow it has been pouring rain the last week.  We literally had a waterfall coming down the steps today. Thankfully no water inside the school it was just really loud so we crafted =).

My kids love to craft so today we made snowmen from clothespins and tomorrow we will make our gifts from toilet paper rolls for our Christmas presentation. (sorry for the run on sentence). We decorate toilet paper rolls and fill them with candy and give them as gifts =). This is like the 4th time we have made them and the kids still love doing it!!  December 2nd is our Christmas presentation.  Please be in prayer with me that this will actually turn out nice and parents will be happy to see their children participate and that the Lords word will not go void (He promises it won’t).

May all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

From our side of the world here is a little humor from the local/most popular Chicken place (Bojangles).  Ex-pats live on the island and they know we celebrate Thanksgiving so they have made a meal for our special day. BTW 99.00=$5

Happy Thanksgiving,

Ronnie and Jamie

Viviendo el Sueno