October Newsletter

Dear C4C Supporters,
Praise God, Jamie is back from the language school in Costa Rica.  It was a long time for me here in Roatan, but a really short time for Jamie to try and learn a language.  We did not expect Jamie to ‘know’ Spanish when she got back to Roatan.  She went to get a better understanding of the language; specifically the various forms of verbs.  In Spanish, the verb is often first in the sentence.  Knowing what tense the word is spoken in goes a long way to understanding what is said, or how to say it.
It was a lot of Spanish in a short time.  Five and a half hours of class each day followed by two to three hours of homework.  Everyone says that, as time goes on, what she learned will ‘click-in’.
Ms.  Ivonne did a wonderful job teaching on her own while Jamie was gone.  Teaching with no helper(s) can be a little overwhelming at times, so we are very grateful for Ms. Ivonne.
Currently Jamie is planning a Christmas Program with the kids at school, they are working on the singing abilities =). She plans on having the parents come to watch their children sing and tell about the birth of Christ…
Also, (as of this month) Jamie and the girls are not going to be continuing their “crafting” business.  Jamie has tried to give the girls this business for a while now but they aren’t interested.  Jamie will be donating whatever supplies she has left to someone on the island in need of them.

While Jamie was in Costa Rica we were able to complete some of the small projects on the ‘to-do’ list.  Here are just a couple that were completed:
•       Robert, G, Hector and a few of the court boys help me rebuild the stands on the court.  Very happy with how the project turned out.
•       Hector, the court boys and I cut a two foot by two foot hole in the block wall in the peak of the north wall of the school, right bellow the roof.  We installed a cheap fan to pull the hot air out of the classroom.  I could not find an exhaust fan big enough here on the island, but the house fan we are ‘temporarily’ using is way better than nothing.  Hopefully we can acquire a real exhaust fan before next spring.

Team Colorado completed the first half of the season with 1 win, 1 tie and 5 loses.  Ugh, that hurts.  All but one were really close, hard played games.  The last game of the first half the guys still played hard but we lost 2 to 6! That really hurt.  The guys are playing great.  I have told the guys from the beginning of the first season we played that whether we win or lose, is by God’s will.  If we can’t find praise for Him when we lose, praise for Him when we win doesn’t mean much.  I praise God that the guys understand this and continue to pray to and praise our Lord.

Concerning prayer requests:
1.      Please continue to pray about our finances.  By my calculations we are running roughly $100 short each month.
2.      The Casa de Luz school year ends in December.   We will be doing repairs and improvements on the school and preparing for the start of the next school year.  This involves testing of applicants for the open spots.  Pray that we choose according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Ron McDonald/Jamie Rich-McDonald

Viviendo el sueno