Well today was the first full day of school. Yesterday we registered all the kids and gave them their school supplies and today we had class.  It was a really nice day. It is sweet to see the look on the new kids faces when they aren’t sure what to do (English and Spanglish only in class). They either ask a friend or follow along.  We have a few “regular” kids that haven’t showed up yet but we will see if they come next week.  It was also nice today to see tons of boys on the court. New faces and “old” faces.  The weather was nice today to play on the court (no rain).  One of our friends, Esteban, has been building relationships with some of the court kids and taking a truckload of them to play on the grass field in Coxen Hole.  It is quite a treat when they get to go.  Our verse for the next two weeks is: Esten siempre alegres, oren sin cesar . 1 Thess 5:15-16 Rejoice always, pray continually. Have a good weekend.