2018 Here We Come! December Newsletter!

Dear C4C Supporters,
Happy Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday Day!
This month is the school maintenance month. We have been repairing desks, tables, windows, etc and painting. Please pray that we can find and repair the few minor leaks in the roof.
In January Jamie will begin accepting applications for the open positions we have for new students. Then she will do the testing. As you may remember, we require that the students can read and write in Spanish before we start teaching them English.
In January Jamie will also do the final preparations of the theme of how she will be teaching at the start of the year. Last year she taught the armor of God per Ephesians 6, the fruit of the Spirit per Galatians 5 and the Creation as per Genesis 1 through 2:2.
God willing we will begin the new school year on February 1st.
The court boys Bible study continues to go well. A few weeks ago I started stepping up our talks to include the question “What are you going to do with what I gave you?” I’ve been explaining what it takes to be saved and how to know if you are indwelled with the Holy Spirit for months now.
I continue to hear responses like “I’m not ready yet and I need to get some things right in my life first”.
Of those that tell me they have accepted Christ, only a few have professed their faith through water baptism. When I press the boys on this the most common response is the “I haven’t got my life right yet” response.
Please join us in our prayer that these boys will truly understand and decide to truly stand for Christ.
Last month I reported we were raising funds to send Maynor (pronounced Minor) to school to complete high school. Praise God, for we received the commitments for funding that is needed. A big thank you to those that God led to donate to Maynor’s education.
Jamie and I have lots of things God has put on our hearts and in our minds for 2018. Please pray that we have clear discernment of His will in the coming year.
Again, as we wrote to you last month, as you are winding up your 2017 year we want to encourage you to reflect on how God has worked in your life this year. What has He been preparing you for? Are you open to the opportunities He is putting before you? Please be in prayer about what is from Him and what a distraction.
Reflect on the fact that God is calling. Are you willing? Will you serve Him in ways that you have not thought of before? He is asking you to step out in faith to something He has laid on your heart? Will you stand in the gap?


Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie