…and then God

We can’t believe it is already October!  It’s been quite a bit of time since our last C4C blog post and an update is long overdue.  So much has happened, God has been moving and we are just trying to keep up.

In March, our long-time missionaries Ron and Jamie moved on to their new assignment.  Care4Communities grew a lot under their service and we are thankful for the time, heart, energy and talent they invested into Casa de Luz and La Canchita.  May God bless them and their efforts as they continue to serve Him in their new adventure in Costa Rica.  We know there are many kids in La Colonia who will miss them greatly.   As exciting as this change was, it left us without a teacher and sports manager.  Fortunately, Hector continued with C4C and his years under Ron’s mentorship prepared him to step up and take on the full responsibility of La Canchita. As for a teacher for Casa de Luz, we weren’t sure what we were going to do.   The thought of closing the school even crossed our minds and we continued to pray and pray and pray…..and then God.  His timing is always perfect.   Within days of closing the school, Ms. Lyz, who was teaching English at the church across the street, came to the school for a visit. Lyz lives locally in La Colonia, is active in her church, and learned English when she was attending the University on mainland Honduras – we had our teacher!  We are super excited that both La Canchita and Casa de Luz, is now locally Honduran lead. This is something we had hoped and dreamed of for “maybe someday”….well that “someday” has arrived.

In March we also developed a new partnership with the church across the street.  Another dream come true.  The mission of C4C is to share the love of Jesus with the island of Roatan through sports and education, but as the children and teenagers come to the loving acceptance of Jesus Christ, they need a church family to plug into, which we will be able to put them to.

The subsequent months have been ones of transition as we continue to develop a rhythm working with our new partners and leaders.  Ms. Lyz is flourishing as our English teacher and Hector has been pouring himself into his community and the court boys as a newly married man (a great story we will share in a future post.)  Now we look forward with great expectation as God continues to show us what He has next in the C4C story.  Some days we wait, some days we take baby steps, some days feel like leaps, but He is always moving and in control as this is His mission and we are all His people.  In the words of Ron and Jamie “God is still calling.  Are you willing?  Will you serve with us through joining a mission team, praying, financially supporting the ministry?  Will you stand in the gap?

With love,

Gloria and the C4C Board