….and then there were two

For the last 9 months, Hector has been managing the court by himself. With the increase in kids wanting some play time due to the synthetic turf installation, he has been a busy man overseeing the daily activities, holding devotionals, planning and refereeing tournaments, organizing community service projects, and being available to minister to the boys & community while taking kids for papers or doctor’s appointments!  Fortunately we have some amazing guys who love the court and volunteer their time as leaders to help.

From time to time over the last couple months, Hector has talked to us about bringing in another Sports Court Mentor to work with him. After some time and prayer, we are happy to say that there are officially two Sports Court Mentors with C4C. Junior Mendoza is joining the C4C family and will operate under Hector’s direction.

Junior was 15 years old when he first came to the court (La Canchita). He was part of both the court construction and school build projects, and even helped place the original lines on the synthetic court. He has been a constant help to Hector in a volunteer capacity rising as one of the main leaders. When asked what is his favorite memory on the court, he replied with two – the day that God provided the synthetic turf and Hector’s wedding.

In July of this past year, Junior gave his heart to the Lord and God has completely changed his life. He now spends his time with his fiancé, Michelle, and daughter, Sofia, at church or on the court where he helps lead the Saturday morning devotional with the younger boys. When asked how his life changed since accepting Jesus, he responded  “I now live happily with my fiancé and daughter.  My life has changed 180, I feel free.”

Junior is an active part of the local church Comunidad de Fe and we welcome him to the Lord’s ministry through C4C.