A Trip Unlike Any Other

The Board with the Chets Creek Mission Team is back home in Florida.  It was an amazing and productive week unlike any of our previous trips.  Of course our project list is always with us, but this year was different. This year there were so many more opportunities for investing into our
relationships with our friends in the Colonia.  It was definitely a lot harder to leave this time.

I could list all the much needed improvements to the property that were done, but I would rather not.  Please don’t misunderstand me, those improvements are so important because they allow a welcoming environment which grants access to our teacher and sports court mentors to fulfill
the C4C mission – sharing the love of Jesus (I have included pictures and a list of the projects below for recording purposes on this blog.)  But instead I would like to talk about the people, the tangible moments of connecting, and doors that God opened during the week.

Court Leadership: With the support of the Board, Art and I went a few days early. There were many errands to be run to prep for the team and “business” of the property to be managed, but the main reason we went early was to meet with and invest into our court leaders.  We had our first leader’s
appreciation dinner at a pizza place in the more touristy part of the island.  Everyone cleaned up after a day on the court and loaded into the truck and we all headed out together.  Our respect for their
leadership grew as we got to observe a meeting and how they all interact with each other sharing ideas.  Hector sat with open ears and an open heart considering everyone’s input.

Lyz: What a beautiful heart our teacher has for the Lord and each every child in her classroom.  She is a walking example of gratitude and so appreciative of the support we give her and her community.  The ladies of the team were able to have our own dinner with her to express how much we value her and to continue to grow our working relationship….but more importantly our friendships.

Hector: We all know that Hector won’t be with us for long as he is waiting for his immigration papers to come through so that he can join his wife Stephanie in New York.  Stephanie surprised him with a week-long visit the week prior to our arrival and that was the first time they had been together since they were married in August.  What a joy to see his face light up talking about their time together.  But in that joy, there is also a time of preparation for his departure.  Hector plays a vital role in our community as our Mentor.  From helping with job interviews, getting kids registered for school, counseling our teen boys in times of struggle, taking little ones to doctor visits, giving haircuts…..he does so much.  We are thankful that God knows exactly what the next year holds for all of us.

Junior: Junior is a walking testimony of God’s grace and new life in Christ….but then, aren’t we all.  Coming out of a life of drinking, fighting and partying, thinking he can make life changes in his own
strength to a life of servant leadership and seeking God.  This was our first visit since he fully devoted himself to Christ and it was a treasure to see his heart.  We are all a work in progress but to see
Junior’s transformation right before our eyes, it is just one more reason to say “Thank You Jesus, that out of all the people in the world that You could have chosen to see this change, it was me.”

Mario: Sweet 11-year-old Mario with a smile that brightens up the room. His story is still unfolding and deserves its own blog post, but believe me when I say that God’s hand was obvious as person after person crossed our path who could help this little guy.  Once more information is available we will share is story on its own.  But for now, please pray for this sweet boy’s heart and health, his Mom – Marta’s strength and courage, and his brother – Isaac’s faith and encouragement.

With Love,
Gloria and the C4C Board

March 2019 Chet’s Creek Church Accomplished Project List

  • Pipe and build an outside bathroom for the court
  • Commission a new mural by local artist, Luma, for the outside bathroom wall
  • Disassemble the water tower on the 3rd level and rebuild a new platform on the 4th level
  • Install a much larger rainwater storage tank
  • Build a shoe rack for the school kids’ shoes
  • Build Lyz a new media stand
  • Extend the wooden bleacher style seating over more of the tire seats
  • Repair the screening and kick plate on the school door
  • Paint everything!  The court walls, the school house, the window trims, the stand, the shoe rack!
  • Install 2 additional exhaust fans in the school to help extract the hot air.