The Little Moments

The island of Roatan is 32 miles long and one to three miles wide so you don’t have to travel far for your feet to reach the ocean waters. However, beach trips are not a normal event for some of our boys, they might as well live miles and miles away. With this in mind, Junior presented the idea of taking some of the younger kids on a beach outing. He has a heart for investing into the next generation growing up on the Sports Court and wanted to do something special for them as a reward. It would also allow them to have an experience outside of La Colonia. Junior is more than happy to share his story of poor decisions and the consequences he had to bear before giving his life to the Lord, so he has a strong desire that these little guys develop a solid foundation to stand on to make good choices as the grow. He is quoted as saying in Spanish “My hope is that they can grow up knowing the Lord….you know when you plant a seed in good soil, the seed can sprout, but I have to keep watering the seed so that in the future they know what decisions they need to make.”

So with a little planning and the support of one of our local Pastors, they were able to have a “super special” day of lunch, teaching, and ocean fun.

These rare little moments of adventure are like sparks in their lives. It is a small way of showing value.  We are always thankful for those who partner with us to keep the sparks alive.