¡Felicidades Nelson!

The Care4Communities Board is happy to announce that Nelson Solis has agreed to be our next official Sports Court Mentor.  I use the word “official” intentionally because the truth is that Nelson has always functioned in this role, just without the title.   A natural born leader, he has been steadfast in serving his community both on and off the court.  He already has been leading our women’s program, coaches community teams, represents his community in various challenges they face and works with our kids on the court.  As Care4Communities enters into this new chapter, we do it with hearts full of thanksgiving for those who have served alongside us both past and present.

When Nelson was nineteen years old, he gave his heart and life to the Lord.  He has been part of our court history from the beginning with Mr. Mike, then Mr. Ron, then Hector and most recently Junior.   He remembers Mr. Mike as someone who greatly influenced the hearts of the guys on the court.   He showed them how to strive for a dream they never thought was possible.   Nelson holds closely the lessons he learned from Mr. Ron’s counsel considering them as part of his foundation.  He remembers clearly the time that Mr. Ron told him how he had left everything behind to stand next to each of the guys.  He looked Nelson right in the eyes and said – “I believe in you.”

Nelson believes that God brought the court into being through the hearts of everyone ever involved with C4C.  It serves as an incredible blessing to this community and as a light to our Heavenly Father.  He grew up in this community and now as a man he steadfastly believes God has a purpose and God is faithful.

Nelson and Marisol have built a life together over the last 10 years.  Together they have three beautiful children – Jepherson, Cheryl, and Newton.