2021 in Review

2021 proved to be an unusual year for us in an unexpected way. Every year since this current Board of Directors was formed, each Director has paid their own travel expenses to Roatan to invest in relationships, bring needed supplies, and encourage the C4C Roatan team. Not this year.  As tourism returned at a snail’s pace, travel requirements based in the pandemic environment did not allow a team to safely form and go. This would be our first year not reuniting in person with our C4C Roatan team and do you know what was so amazing about it? God showed, as always, He is in control.  Our human nature pondered about supplies and grounds maintenance/repairs, but God placed the right person in the right place in His ministry for such a time as this – Nelson.  It has always been a desire for us as a Board to be Honduran-lead in the hands-on carrying out of the vision and mission of C4C.  Without missing a step, Nelson, who grew up on the soccer court, stepped in.  He repaired, painted, fixed, and maintained the grounds.  He managed the food distribution program for both the school and the court families.  He oversaw the installation of the kids’ playground on the third level. He developed and took community outreach programs to the next level.  And he actively developed a relationship with the new local Pastor to minister to our kids.  To be physically far away from a ministry you love is challenging, but when you have someone local who embraces the vision and mission, and communicates frequently, what a treasure he has been!

First Level Updates.  The first level is our sports program.  It has also become mission central for our food distribution program.  When the pandemic hit, we made an exception to our mission focus of spreading the love of Jesus through sports and education by expanding into a food program.  We have praised God for every dollar donated that has allowed us to continue supplying grocery staples to the families associated with our ministry and to others in need.  We were able to do food distributions consistently and on schedule throughout the year from donations that were specifically given for this purpose.  God has been so good and faithful.  As of right now, we have enough funds earmarked to continue the program through the middle of 2022 when it will be phased out.

Second Level Updates.   This one is a hard one and is where much prayer is needed.  We had to close down our English language program last year as we found ourselves without a teacher.  How we miss our school kids!  We have been exploring all our local contacts, but since we aren’t just an English language school and are instead, a mission, we haven’t found the right person….yet.  Please be in prayer with us during this season of waiting for God to bring us who He wants in that position.

Third Level Updates.  This is where a lot of the excitement is happening.  Our third level has become a community gathering place. Community groups have asked to hold their meetings there, birthdays have been celebrated, holidays enjoyed, and prayer meetings have been held. With the installation of a playground adjacent to the covered picnic tables, it has been a dedicated space for the little ones to play.  Our dream is alive to see all the babies playing and sliding while their moms are being ministered to at our picnic tables.

As we face 2022, we do so with whole-hearted expectancy of what God will choose to do this year.  Despite the changes we experienced in 2021, one thing stands true – the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow does not change.   His love endures forever.

Love God, Love People
Gloria and the C4C Board