934 Days and a New Teacher

934 days is a very long time to be away from our friends on the island.  We last left the island in March of 2020, two days before the borders shut down in the face of a global pandemic.  Actually, we didn’t all get to leave, two of our board members were stranded on the island trying to figure out how to get home.  As always, God has stood by His ministry reminding us that He is in charge, He is faithful, and He is continuously at work.   There have been feeding programs, staff changes and our school has been closed, but friends, it is a new day.

Wayne, Vice-President/ Construction

“What a great sight to see the property after 2.5 years!  Nelson has done a great job of keeping the property maintained.  The soccer court was as active as ever and the turf was in acceptable condition.   Some split seams were evident, which can be repaired as soon as the rain stops.  The school was in good shape, but dusty after not being used for a year.  Third level was neat and clean before we started our roofing project.  All in all, the property was a very pleasant sight after such a long absence!”

Theresa, Director/Logistics

“After an absence of 2.5 years, it felt like ‘coming home’ to see the court, school and especially our friends here on the island.  We saw lots of new construction on our way from the airport.  Things have not been idle on Roatan during the pandemic!  Nelson has done a fabulous job keeping up with things on the court and on the property!  So many items that were ALWAYS on our to-do list: painting, general repairs, etc., were already done and done well when we arrived!  It was great to see and renew friendships with so many long time friends, but in our absence, there are many new faces to get to know and love.  The court remains a great community gathering place and now with Casa de Luz reopening soon, I expect there will be even more people making daily use of this amazing property.  It was good to be back!”

Linda, Director/Casa de Luz School

“What a happy return to Roatan and the C4C property!  The schoolroom was a bit dusty after a year of vacancy, but we are excited to announce our reopening this month.  The school is fresh and clean and welcoming to our new teacher Dilcia Mejia.  I have known Dilicia since we started our trips to Roatan many years ago.  She was a student in our first English as a Foreign Language class.  She finished school on the island then went to Mexico to attend Bible College to continue her education.  We lost contact but renewed our friendship in the last year.  When our teacher unexpectedly left last September, I was hoping that Dilcia was available to take her place.  However, she was on her way back to Mexico to finish studying.  She graduated this past September and planned to return to Roatan.  I asked if we could meet when our team returned to Roatan on October 1st.  We met and I was beyond thrilled when she accepted our offer to teach at Casa de Luz.  Dilcia is the perfect person for the job.  She is smart, organized, loves the school kids, and loves Jesus.  We are excited that her passion is to lead kids to Jesus and to give them language skills to help them secure a successful future.   Welcome Dilcia!  So happy to have you as part of our C4C family!”

Chris, President

“2 Corinthians 13:11 tells us to rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.  It was so great to get back to Roatan after 2 and a half years.  My goal on this trip was to bring unity of purpose between C4C (Nelson on the sports court and Dilcia in the school) leadership and the local church (which is literally across the street).  This has been a struggle for years.  With new leadership at the church (Pastor Wilmer – the Church of Roatan) and new teacher at the school, I am so excited to see what is God’s “what next” for our ministry.  Pray with me that Wilmer, Nelson and Dilcia encourage one another and be of one mind in reaching and making disciples of the sweet people in La Colonia, the community, and the island of Roatan.”

Please keep Dilcia and Nelson in your prayers as they do God’s work and carry out the C4C Mission to share the love of Jesus with the people of Roatan.