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A Much Needed Break in the Heat

  Care4Communities   Praise God, the rainy season is here.  The last few nights we have not even used the fan at night; and we have actually had to start using a thin blanket later in the night.  By mid January we will most likely be saying “enough with the rain”, but for now it’s […]

These Last 5 Years!

Recently Jamie and I were reminiscing about our time thus far serving the Lord here in Roatan.  All the people we have met.  All the people we have developed relationships with.  All the people who have come on short term missions to serve along side of us and all the other missionaries that we have […]

The long wonderful winter we have so enjoyed here on the island is pretty much over.  It was definitely the nicest winter we’ve experienced in the five years we have live here.  As of today we are still using a blanket when we sleep at night. Normally from about mid-March until about mid-October it is […]

Well today was the first full day of school. Yesterday we registered all the kids and gave them their school supplies and today we had class.  It was a really nice day. It is sweet to see the look on the new kids faces when they aren’t sure what to do (English and Spanglish only in […]

January 25, 2017

There are so many tales I could tell about our adventure being Missionaries here.  How five years ago, come February 25th, Jamie and I started another adventure in our life together. We could tell tales of how we’ve struggled together through trials and tribulations; or how we’ve missed so many of the people we left […]