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Well, we (Chris and Ronnie and helpers) have been hard at work this week improving the perimeter of the school and court. Chris is here for two weeks staying with us working hard to complete this job. It looks beautiful!! I will post for pictures when it is completed.  We had to close school for […]

We are back on the island…

well we are back on the island YEAH!!! we really miss it when we are away =) we enjoy our ministry and our lifestyle. we are asked when we return from the states “did you have a relaxing time…?” hahaha usually “relaxing” isn’t the word we would use. It is great seeing family, kids, grandchild […]

Ronnie and I really enjoy living here for so many reasons. living among people that were raised different than us, speak a different language than us etc. the other day while in “west end” I came across a visitor (gringa) while I was speaking Spanish on my cellphone. after I hung up she told me […]

April 2016

The new soccer league season started six weeks ago.  Due to the politics of the soccer league here, Team Colorado has only played two games.  Team Colorado has won both games that we have played.  Both were tough fought wins.  The teams in the 18 and under division are really good.   We were able to […]

The Good and the Bad =)

Happy Friday from here in Honduras –  it is cashew tree blooming season here right now. There is lots of fruit on the ground with the one single cashew on the top. If you have never seen it or tasted it then I will show you.  Cool right.  This is why cashews are so expensive. […]


we got running water at school today!!! PRAISE GOD!! the Lord matched me up with someone that had connections with the fire dept and I sent them a letter and I received free water today (it was more complicated than that but…) to fill our tank. I can’t get the video to download but if […]