We are back on the island…

well we are back on the island YEAH!!! we really miss it when we are away =) we enjoy our ministry and our lifestyle. we are asked when we return from the states “did you have a relaxing time…?” hahaha usually “relaxing” isn’t the word we would use. It is great seeing family, kids, grandchild and friends but we are normally really busy while in the states. we do praise God for all those who help us, give us a place to sleep, a car to drive, meals etc. we could not do it without faithful friends and family.

Tomorrow we receive a small team for the week from south Carolina then the day they leave Chet’s Creek is coming for a week. woohoo!!! We have 3 teams this month and two in July. come join us for the fun and fellowship – contact us directly or any church partner and come for a visit.

we have a soccer game today at 4pm, so I am off to get things ready. have a great week – In Him, jamie

Ronnie and I really enjoy living here for so many reasons. living among people that were raised different than us, speak a different language than us etc. the other day while in “west end” I came across a visitor (gringa) while I was speaking Spanish on my cellphone. after I hung up she told me she understood all my Spanish because I speak super slow with no accent!!! ROFL. I am sure she meant this as a compliment.

Ronnie had a soccer meeting tonight with the whole team. at the end of the meeting he asked if there were any questions. YES, there was. First and most important question…will there be cookies and snacks during the games while you are gone?? (not said as a joke).

btw: while I am at it I would like to put in another plug to please sponsor our little soccer team. thank you!

April 2016

The new soccer league season started six weeks ago.  Due to the politics of the soccer league here, Team Colorado has only played two games.  Team Colorado has won both games that we have played.  Both were tough fought wins.  The teams in the 18 and under division are really good.


We were able to get all the dirt from the last landslide against the school dug out.  The Chet’s Creek team (that is scheduled to come in June), sent funds for us to hire a local contractor to pour the foundation for the wall.  The team plans to build the wall on the north side of the school in June.  Huge answer to prayer, and lots of praising God!!!


Two volunteers (Robert and ‘G’) came and built the tower for the water tank.  Both Robert and G are construction contractors, so thank you God for putting it on their hearts to use their skills to help us.  The C4C Board took a step of faith and approved the purchase of materials and a tank.  Hector, some of the court teens and I poured the foundation for the tower.  Then Robert and G came and built it.  They came back a few days and connected the tank to the school water lines.


Okay, I have yet another surprise that God orchestrated.  Our new aide at school (Amanda), also volunteers with the island Bomberos (fire department).  She told Jamie to write a letter to the Bomberos and they would come fill the water tank for us.  Jamie wrote a letter and a few days later the fire truck came and they filled our water tank; for FREE!!  I love how God works His miracles.


We can now actually flush the toilet at school and it will automatically refill; all by itself!  We can then turn on the faucet and wash our hands!


We continually praise God for all of you who support what God has us doing here in Roatan.  Thank you all very much.


The classes at Casa de Luz are still going great.  Jamie and Ivonne have trained our new aide.  Amanda still has a lot to learn but we believe she is prepared to help Ivonne with the classes while we are sharing what God is doing in Roatan with our friends in the States.


Jamie has spent several nights preparing lesson plans for Ivonne and Amanda to teach while we are in the States.  We really appreciate Ivonne’s willingness to help us and also for Amanda who is doing her best to learn the job.

Have a great week – Ron and Jamie

we won 7-4 woohoo!!

The Good and the Bad =)

Happy Friday from here in Honduras –  it is cashew tree blooming season here right now. There is lots of fruit on the ground with the one single cashew on the top. If you have never seen it or tasted it then I will show you.  Cool right.  This is why cashews are so expensive. It takes a lot of work to get them tasty and salty and cooked.  We happen to have a huge cashew tree at our house but before you ask, NO I don’t have any idea the whole process to make them eatable =) I do love to eat them though.

As of last week, we have water and our one bathroom up and “running”.  When we arrived at school today we notice there was water by the door and being that it isn’t rainy season and we just got water we thought it a bit odd UNTIL we realized that someone had drained and stolen one of our smaller water tanks (120 gallons)!!! BOOO – first of all when water is such a big commodity why would you waste it?!?!   Anyways, someone is going to have to answer to the LORD for stealing and for stealing from a little school in la colonia. Oh well, not much we can do about it. Please continue to pray that our school house, court and water tank are protected.  Thank you to those that donated to this project and thanks to the Roatan Bomberos (firemen) who donated water to us.  In the big scheme of things all is well =)

We would like to ask that you would pray for our health. There are many who are sick on the island right now (flu) and we really don’t want it!

Have a great weekend – Ronnie and Jamie


we got running water at school today!!! PRAISE GOD!! the Lord matched me up with someone that had connections with the fire dept and I sent them a letter and I received free water today (it was more complicated than that but…) to fill our tank. I can’t get the video to download but if you go on fb it is there. I am so happy, excited and thankful <3thankf

Proverbs 21:3 To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

the dentist and soccer

this is really never a good title for a blog right?! but on Tuesday I had 3 fillings and a wisdom tooth extracted – UGH. thankfully even though my missing wisdom tooth looks gross and is sore it is way better than the last time my other wisdom tooth was pulled. I go back to the dentist tomorrow but it doesn’t look infected like last time =)  Ronnie and his team are moving forward with soccer, he had another coach meeting last night and the usual shenanigans happened where they didn’t count our game and points…Ronnie just put on his happy face and called it good. they aren’t happy that a team from la colonia won the championship so they are doing all they can to make us lose this year. for instance, cancelling our games (which means we get no points so at the end of the season there is no way we can win). having us play games that two weeks later they determine don’t count. =) you know that kind of thing. But God is in control and this teaches us and our boys a good lesson (hopefully).  thanks for reading and have a good day!!!

Today on the island

april 2016 school4 april 2016 school3 april 2016 school2 april 2016 school1

foot picswell the last couple of days Ronnie and the court boys have been digging dirt out from the north side of the building in preparation for a new wall in June.  The Chet’s Creek team is coming to work their magic…we also are working on a water tower (PLEASE DONATE) we really need a bathroom after 4 years of no bathroom at school =) we have some neighbor friends that will be helping Ronnie get this accomplished before the end of the month. a new helper at school starts tomorrow (Amanda), please keep her and Helen (our other new helper) in your prayers.  Ivonne and I are holding down school pretty well. We have A LOT of kids =). today we had some teenage drama but I nipped it in the bud pretty quickly. teenagers will be teenagers no matter what language they speak.  the truck is in the repair shop today so thankfully some friends helped us run errands at lunch today. hopefully tomorrow they will know what is wrong with the truck and it will be a quick and cheap fix. it has brake problems so that is definitely something we can’t take lightly especially here. well that is all for today – hope you had a HAPPY MONDAY!!! we did.