Queens Harbour Yacht and Country Club Owner’s Association Rules, Regulations and Policies (QHRRP)


Review/update responsibility
Vice President
13 May 2024
QHYCC Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (CCRE)

QHYCC Articles of Incorporation


Florida Statutes

Jacksonville City Ordinances

To provide information about Queen’s Harbour Yacht and Country Club (QHYCC) Owner’s Association policies and procedures and other important information pertinent to property owners within Queens Harbour Yacht and Country Club consistent with the above references.
Our policies and procedures reflect a writing method called “Information Mapping.”  Information Mapping’s method of analyzing and formatting documents forms a powerful way of maximizing the effectiveness of written communication.

References to articles shall be by use of their seven to eight-digit identification number, called a MAP, consisting of a four- or five-digit Section number and three-digit Article number. e.g., MAP 1000-001. See Preface.

These policies and procedures apply to all QH property owners unless specifically indicated.
QH BOD shall…

  • implement these policies and procedures,
  • evaluate it for adequacy, accuracy, usefulness and make updates as necessary.
The information, policies, and procedures described herein are subject to change; consequently, revisions may occur.


Changes will be updated periodically on the QH Portal.