QHRRP 1000-005



Review/update responsibility
Vice President
13 May 2024
CCRE Article I, Sections 1.1 – 19
Here are some of the definitions used throughout QHYCC Policies and Procedures.

Word or Phrase Shall mean and refer to…
Articles the Articles of Incorporation of the Association as amended from time to time.
Association the Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association, Inc.  A Florida Corporation Not for Profit.
BOD Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association, Inc. Board of Directors.
ByLaws the Bylaws of the Association as amended from time to time.
CCRE Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements
Club Facilities those recreational facilities and appurtenances thereto owned by the Declarant, its successors, and assigns, which are from time to time designated as a part of Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club, including without limitation the club house, the eighteen (18) hole golf course with related golf cart storage and maintenance facilities, tennis courts and related facilities and swimming pool with cabana area.
Common Expenses those items of expense for which the Association is or may be responsible under this Declaration and those additional items of expense approved by the Board of Directors in the manner set forth in the Declaration, the Articles or the Bylaws.
Common Property those tracts of land which are deeded to the Association and such improvements thereon as are specifically conveyed to the Association.  The term “Common Property” shall also include any personal property acquired by the Association, as well as certain areas within the Property designed for maintenance responsibility which the Association is herein obligated to maintain, notwithstanding that it may not own the underlying fee simple title. All Common Property is to be devoted to and intended for the common use and benefit of the Owners and their guests, lessees or invitees and the visiting public (to the extent permitted by the Board of Directors of the Association) subject to any operating rules adopted by the Association and subject to any use rights made or reserved by Declarant prior to conveyance of such Common Property and subject to all Permits. Common Property shall not include the facilities which are designated a part of the Club Facilities.
Common Roads the roads depicted on any plat of the Property which provide ingress and egress to a Lot or Dwelling Unit.   The Common Roads shall be conveyed to the Association upon completion and thereafter maintained by the Association and accordingly unless specifically set forth to the contrary, references to Common Property shall mean and include the Common Roads.
County Duval County, Florida.
District separately designated group of Lots or Dwelling Units and the Owners thereof which constitute a separately developed residential area representing a political unit for the purpose of electing members of the Board of Directors and which may have certain additional rights and obligations.
Dwelling Unit any single-family residential dwelling constructed or to be constructed on or within a Lot, whether detached or attached, or a condominium unit.
Lot any plot of land shown upon any recorded subdivision plat of the Property.
Member the record property owner.
Owner the record property owner.
Permits shall mean and refer to the permits, easements and other approvals secured by various governmental agencies and regulatory bodies which govern the development of the Property, including, without limitation, the Permits issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, Florida Department of Natural Resources, the St. Johns River Water Management District, the Army Corps of Engineers, the US Coast Guard and Florida Department of Transportation.
Property that certain real property together with improvements thereon.
Property Manager Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association contracted property management company.
POA Property Owners Association (Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association).
QHYCC Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association.
QHRRP Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association Rules, Regulations & Policies (Short title).