QHRRP 1000-010

Procedures for Submitting Changes to QHRRP


Review/update responsibility
Vice President
13 May 2024
QHYCC Web Portal
This MAP provides basic instructions for the preparation and submission of additions, changes and deletions to a…

QHYCC Rules, Regulations & Policies is the principal publication issued for QHYCC property owners. It contains essential rules, regulations and policy and other material necessary for effective management of QHYCC.
Responsible committee assignments are listed at the top of each QHRRP MAP.

Each month, responsible committee directors will review QHRRP MAPs and QHFORMS listed on the “Policy Review Tickler” to ensure that the information provided is current and accurate.

Responsible Office change only
To only change assignment of the “Responsible committee” on a particular MAP or Form, simply submit a request to the Property Manager.  The request should…

  • be initiated by the present responsible committee.
  • include a statement of rationale for the change.
Submitting QHP and Form changes
Follow the below steps when submitting changes to the QHRRP or a QHFORM.


Step Action
1 Are you submitting a recommendation for a new MAP or Form?

YES – Go to STEP 3

NO – Go to STEP 2

Note:  Anyone can recommend a new MAP or Form or submit a change to a current MAP or Form.

2 Do you want to submit your recommended change via paper form or electronically?

If… Then…
Paper print a copy of the QHRRP MAP or Form from the QHYCC Portal and annotate pen and ink changes.  Go to STEP 3
Electronically request the Property Manager send you an MS Word copy of the QHRRP MAP or Form and then “track changes”.  Go to STEP 3
3 Complete a separate QHRRP Change Request (QHFORM 1000/1) for each MAP or Form.
4 Submit the following to the Board of Directors via the Property Manager.

  • QHRRP Change Request
  • Revised or new QHRRP MAP or Form (paper or electronically)
5 The Property Manager prepares smooth (electronic) MAP or Form (New or Revised) and forwards to the Responsible Committee for review.
6 Responsible Committee makes any necessary changes and returns to Property Manager.
7 The Property Manager prepares final (electronic) MAP or Form (New or Revised) and forwards to the Board of Directors for review.

Note:  New or revised QHRRP MAPS will be reviewed and voted on during BOD meetings scheduled in the notice.  See QHRRP 8000-010 – Board of Director Meetings.

8 Does the BOD approve new or revised MAP/FORM?

YES – Property Manager post new MAP to QHYCC Web Portal

NO – Inform submitter