QHSORM 2000-005

Internal Communications


Responsible committee
Communications 13 May 2024
Types of communication
Here are the four types of internal communications…

  1. Association Communications
  2. Country Club Communications
  3. Event Contractor Communications
  4. Third Party Publications (Queen’s Harbour Living newsletter)
Association communications
The https://www.qhycc.com/home/website, signage (reader boards) at the entrance/exit of the community and Association e-bulletins shall be used only to communicate Association information and community activities and events that are sponsored or endorsed by the Association. The Association’s media tools shall not be used to communicate or advertise private property owner activities, parties, or events.
Country club communications
The Queen’s Harbour Country Club is such an integral part of the community that some of the Association’s communication tools will from time to time be used to inform residents of the Club’s activities- specifically those that effect and/or are available to a large portion of all residents. The Club is expected to maintain its own internal methods for communication with its members. The Property Manager, under the guidance of the Board of Directors (BOD), will determine what Club-related messages will be transmitted using Association communications tools.
Event contractor communication
A substantial portion of the Association’s athletic, fitness, recreation and social activities and on occasion other functions or events in the community are managed by a private contractor. In order to inform all residents and owners of these events, some of the Association’s communications assets will be utilized as appropriate to help publicize or report on them.  The Property manager, under the guidance of the BOD, will determine when and how the internal communications tools will be used for this purpose.
Third party publications
The Association may contract with third parties to produce media for or on behalf of the Association.  Such publications are intended to communicate Association information, community activities, and events that are sponsored, sanctioned, or endorsed by the Association. The publications shall not be used to communicate or advertise private property owner activities, parties, or events. However, this media may include local advertisements and general interest articles (not related to Queen’s Harbour) approved by the Association if the inclusion of the non-Queen’s Harbour articles and advertising provides the basis for lowering or eliminating the cost of publication.

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