QHSORM 2000-010

External Communications


Responsible committee
Communications 13 May 2024
Non-community entities
Independent, non-community (non-property owner) entities shall not be allowed to directly market to the community by using the Association’s communications tools and media. The Association will not provide property owner information (name/address) to non-community entities for any purpose.

Property owners may wish to enlist non-community entities as part of activities that they feel are of benefit to the community and want to offer on an independent basis. Property owners are free to do so at their own liability. Those wishing to publicize such programs on the QHYCC.com website or in the Queen’s Harbour Living newsletter, may petition the Association. The Association reserves the right to refuse to list or advertise any such activity if it feels, in its sole discretion and opinion, that the activity and/or the advertisement is not appropriate due to content, solicits business, promotes private financial gain, and/or presents a possible liability to the Association, the community, or for any other concern.

Outside Media
No news organization representative will be allowed access to the property without prior authorization from a property owner, the Property manager or specific person(s) designated by the BOD President.

All inquiries from members of the media shall be referred to the BOD President.

Controlled Access personnel at Queen’s Harbour will not provide any information to reporters from newspapers, television/radio stations or any other news organizations.

MAY 2024